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Description of the situation

In April 2020, we were approached by a client who expected complete anonymity from us. The company has been operating for years in an extremely sensitive and narrow specialization, which is the implementation of complex and intricate logistics processes for the military. Most often, these are unconventional projects with an international scope and fast completion deadlines. The priority for such services is to ensure discretion and mobility. Only under such conditions can the army effectively carry out its missions. In this case, the support was needed by the US military stationed in Europe.

The Challenge

Practically overnight, the customer was obliged to provide mobility to American soldiers stationed in one of the bases in Germany. It was quite a challenge for us. The contract required us to lease cars very quickly. The condition was to deliver more than 50 vehicles of various classes, including SUVs 4X4 and minibuses with 9 seats. All cars had to be transported and issued to the soldiers within a week. The length of the contract itself depended on the situation at the eastern border. The medium-term rental agreement could have ended practically overnight. Apart from the tight deadlines, the challenge was to provide the customer with comfort and flexibility in the use of the rented cars.

To sum up

Our task was to deliver more than 50 vehicles within 7 days to the base of soldiers stationed in southern Germany. We had to deliver all vehicles within 1 day. It was crazy! How did we meet this challenge?


We did it! We delivered all the rental cars, transporting them to the customer using Lohr. These are trucks equipped with special platforms for transporting cars. Within 2 days, we organized 10 Lohrs, which were ready to carry the vast majority of the rented vehicles. The rest of the cars were delivered by our 8 representatives who had to drive about 800 km one way.

Our medium term rental service fitted in perfectly with the needs of such a demanding client. All requirements have been met. We have arranged over 50 vehicles on hand, delivered them to the location chosen by the client, within a very short period of time.

The mission was a complete success for everyone. All vehicles were picked up at the agreed time and place. The military operations could be carried out without any delays, to the great satisfaction of the customer. We additionally gained the client's trust, which we can boast of.

Flexible, tailor-made medium-term car rental
Almost instant order processing in a short time
Delivery of vehicles abroad, to a place indicated by the customer
Guarantee of full confidentiality for our client

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