Historic post office building in Bielsko-Biala


Additional fee for a driver under 25 years of age is 20 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 20 zł per rental day

Car Rental - Bielsko-Biala

Bielsko Biala is a delightful city located at the foot of the Beskid Mountains. From here you will take a train straight up to the very top of Szyndzielnia 1028 m. Often called a little Vienna, it attracts lovers of magnificent architecture, modeled on the flagship buildings of the Austrian capital. The city is the main administrative, industrial, commercial and service center of the region, as well as the academic, cultural and tourist center of the entire Podbeskidzie area. It was here that the iconic characters of Bolek and Lolek or Reksio were born.

Car rental Bielsko-Biala – sightseeing just got easier!

Bielsko-Biala is a very young city, as it was formally established in 1951! However, don’t let this mislead you, because both old Bielsk and old Bielsko-Biala are regions with rich tradition and culture. You will find this out by exploring the region during your vacation. Kaizen Rent – car rental Bielsko-Biala is a great idea for you to do it on your own terms, comfortably and at your own pace. So the direction of Bielsko-Biala – what attractions are worth seeing in the area!

  1. Bielsko-Biala for a walk around the city

    1. ​​​​​Market square, 17th-century townhouses, arcades,
    2. The Castle of the Princes Sulkowski, the Kaluga Tenement House, the railroad station,
    3. Old Bielsko Castle, Weaver’s House, President Hotel,
    4. Reksio sculpture, Pampalini animal hunter sculpture, Bolko and Lolek sculptures, 
    5. Polish Theater building, Main Post Office, St. Stanislaw Church,
    6. Drawing Film Studio, Banialuka Puppet Theater, Bielsko BWA Gallery.
  2. Route to Szczyrk and to the Zywiec Brewery Museum

    1. Bielsko-Biala – Wapienica Dam – Viewing Tower in Bielsko-Biala – Szyndzienia Slope Reserve – Cave in the Three Mounds – Szczyrk – Zywiec Brewery Museum – Bielsko-Biala is a route of about 80 km round trip. It is filled with attractions to the brim, and the Zywiec Brewery Museum is the icing on the cake!
  3. Route through the green areas of the Silesian province

    1. Bielsko-Biala – Pisarzowice Japanese Garden – Wolf Pond in Kozy – Waterfalls under Zlota Gorka – Szeroka Nature Reserve in the Beskid Maly – Lake Zywieckie – Bielsko-Biala is a route of about 100 km in both directions. At each stop you will breathe in the greenery of nature and marvel at its beauty.
  4. In the footsteps of famous cities and places

    1. Bielsko-Biala - Trójstyk border Jaworzynka - Wisla - Cieszyn - Museum of Marine and Inland Flora and Fauna in Jaworz - Bielsko-Biala is a route of about 150 km round trip. You will visit, among other things, the Tri-state of the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also make a quick trip to Cieszyn!

Sightseeing all this, as well as discovering brand-new routes, will enable you to rent a car Bielsko-Biala, where you will rent a car tailored to your individual needs.

  • Historic post office building in Bielsko-Biala

Kaizen Rent Bielsko-Biala is located at Gerymski Brothers Street, 43-300 Bielsko-Biala and serves the entire region. Reservations for car rental in Bielsko-Biala, can be made directly at the branch or in advance:

Car rental in Bielsko-Biala is carried out on a simple basis, without unnecessary formalities and hidden "crooks": 

  • reservation is made free of charge and without the need to provide a card,
  • free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before collection,
  • cars are rented without mileage limit (rental from 1 to 30 days), 
  • cars are issued clean and with a full tank,
  • pick-up and return of the rented car at the Bielsko Biala branch is free of charge, if it takes place during the branch's working hours. If you choose the option: with access or pick-up at another location or with pick-up outside the branch's working hours, additional fees for additional services will be charged.

Car rental Bielsko-Biala is a comfort for a day, a month or even a year!

If you are looking for a convenient car rental option for any period of time, then surely Kaizen Rent Bielsko-Biala car rental is the answer to your needs. With us you will plan a short-term car rental for an occasional trip, celebration or rent a spectacular premium model for a business trip or business trip.

Medium-term rentals for businesses and individuals are also something we have in our offer. Whether you need a car to service your own fleet or you need new cars for your employees, at Kaizen Rent you will find a flexible offer perfectly suited to the needs of your own company. The fleet of our rental company is not only passenger cars. In Car Rental Bielsko-Biala you will also find vans and small and larger delivery trucks. 

For more details, call our hotline directly, fill out the contact form or simply come to our point in Bielsko-Biala on Gerymska Brothers Street. Car Rental Bielsko-Biala is located near Qubus Hotel on Mostowa 2 Street, where you can stay overnight if, for example, you are planning a cross-country route through Bielsko-Biala.

Bielsko-Biala car rental - find the best car for you

The wide offer that Bielsko-Biala car rental company offers is comfort in all classes available on the market. We have cars in classes B (Toyota Yaris), C (Hyundai HB), C+ (Hyundai I30 Wagon), as well as D+ (Mazda 6), SUV Lux (Lexus RX), T in automatic (Pick up 5M Toyota Hilux) and much more. 

All cars of Car Rental Bielsko-Biala are new, a minimum of two years old, richly equipped and prepared for the customer - clean, fully fueled and with a package of necessary documents. No mileage limit and Assistance 24h protection - these are the values our clients appreciate us for. 

Contact us for more details! Kaizen Rent car rental Bielsko-Biala guarantees that reservations and cancellations 24 hours before car pick-up are free of charge!

Rental of cars and vans

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  • The car was substituted on time, clean. Driver service without complaint

    10 February 2022
    Dutkiewicz Alina , Szume da M
  • We are satisfied

    9 February 2022
  • Everything went smoothly. The car super. Service super. 10,5/10

    9 February 2022
  • Thank you for your fully professional service.

    9 February 2022
  • Dziękuję za profesjonalną obsługę!!! Polecam!!!

    styczeń 2023
    Magdalena Kubica
  • 100% godny polecenia !!!

    grudzień 2022
    Paweł Kania
  • Wszystko odbyło się szybko i sprawnie, odbior i zwrot samochodu zgodnie z precyzyjnie uzgodnonym terminem. Mili i sympatyczni kierowcy zajmujący się podstawieniem i odbiorem samochodu. Samochód umyty, czysty wewnatrz, sprawny, w doskonałym stanie technicznym. Firma godna polecenia. Waldek

    listopad 2022
    Waldemar Szczepaniak

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Bielsko-Biala

Do I have the option to select a car by characteristics such as color, make, model, equipment, etc.?

For both short- and medium-term rentals, the basic category for choosing a car is its class. Belonging to a particular segment is determined by features common to individual cars such as size, type of transmission or standard of equipment. Individual cars in our fleet within the same class differ in make or color. For example, our B-segment cars will include Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio, Nissan Micra, Renault Clio, Suzuki Swift or Hyundai I20. The advantage of this is that you can get to know many models from the same class, and adjust the class to suit your needs: F - for business, SUV - for a trip to the mountains.

Can I pay cash for car rental?

Unfortunately, no. At Kaizen Rent we do not honor cash payments. You can pay for your car rental by traditional bank transfer, online, or by debit or credit card.

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