Czestochowa -Jasna Gora monastery and city skyline in the background


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  • I would definitely recommend. I used the rental company for the repair of my car at the authorized car service. As a replacement, I received a Hyundai i30 car. Everything at a high level, the car clean, well maintained, with low mileage. Receipt and return of the car without any problems. Constant, good contact with the staff. Let's hope to continue like this. Thank you and best regards 馃槉

    W艂odzimierz Hryszko
  • Car clean. Delivered and picked up at the appointed time every minute. Service on the customer hotline, very friendly and specific.

    Miros艂aw Trzuskowski
  • Very fast and efficient service. Everything went perfectly. I recommend

    Agnieszka Ziajska
  • I recommend

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    19 February 2023
    Waldemar Dudek
  • I would 100% recommend this company, concrete, decisive consultants know what information to provide to the customer, there are no problems this company cares about its customer as well as when it comes to the phone call such in the service of car delivery to the customer when I will use the next time for sure I will choose this company recommendable company number 1 in Poland

    20 January 2023
    Dariusz Mielczarek
  • I recommend this company

    20 January 2023
    Zbigniew Adamus
  • Everything was in perfect condition. The car was delivered on time, the car was new, clean and on time at the place agreed by me. I highly recommend.

    February 2024
    Maciej Rabc

Upper Silesia, Poland's most heavily urbanized and populated area, is for many just a landscape of factories, mines and smoking chimneys. Just as we associate Czestochowa, located in its northwestern part, with Jasna G贸ra and the pilgrimages that follow it. However, it is worth remembering that Silesia is also home to the green ranges of the Beskid Mountains and the picturesque limestone hills of the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura Chain. A lot of excitement awaits anyone who plunges into this unremarkable corner of southern Poland.

Mobile and comfortable - car rental Czestochowa

What is the best way to visit Czestochowa and its surroundings? The most convenient way is to do it by car and book it with a car rental company Czestochowa, operating under the banner of Kaizen Rent. This will enable you to move efficiently between attractions in the city center like the unusual Museum of Matches or the atmospheric Old Market Square with its colorful townhouses and inn and those on its outskirts. Among them, worth seeing are, for example, the Zlota Gora Miniature Park or the Archaeological Reserve, Lukasiewicza Street - a very interesting museum exhibiting a cemetery of Lusatian culture.聽

Our car rental office Czestochowa is conveniently located at Wa艂y Genera艂a J贸zefa Dwernickiego 197, 42-202 Cz臋stochowa. To make your travels hassle-free and stress-free Kaizen Rent car rental Czestochowa provides you with free registration and, if necessary, cancellation. In order for the cancellation to be free of charge, you must make it 24 hours before the scheduled car pick-up date.聽

Car rental Czestochowa - what to visit in and around the city?

Czestochowa is historically and culturally strongly connected with Malopolska. In addition to the Jasna Gora Basilica and the Picture of Our Lady of Czestochowa, there are many attractions worth visiting. While there, take advantage of the fact that Czestochowa is located in a beautiful part of the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, and visit beautiful caves, mountain formations and nature reserves. Car rental Czestochowa is a great way to start planning your vacation in the region!

  1. Czestochowa - what to visit in the city

    1. Museum of match-making, Planetarium of J. D艂ugosz Academy,
    2. Antenna of the radio telescope, murals and street art,聽
    3. Staszic Park, Cz臋stochowa benches, Girl with Pigeons - fountain, Liberty Tree,
    4. Jewish Cemetery, Pre-war bunker, Geometric center of Cz臋stochowa,
    5. Sundial, antique locomotives, antique streetcars,
    6. Archcathedral Basilica, Star of David monument, St. Sigismund's Church,
    7. Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, City Hall, Jasna Gora.
  2. Trail of Eagles' Nests, part 1

    1. Czestochowa - Olsztyn Castle - Castle Ruins in Ostreznik - Mirow Castle - Bobolice Castle - B膮kowiec Castle Ruins - Czestochowa is a route of more than 120 km in both directions. You will visit five old fortified castles that stretch along the line of the Eagles' Nests.聽
  3. On the Trail of the Eagles' Nests, part 2聽聽

    1. Czestochowa - Ogrodzieniec Castle - Pilcza Castle - Bydlin Castle Ruins - Pieskowa Ska艂a Castle - Ojcow Castle Ruins - Czestochowa is a route of over 240 km round trip. If you make an overnight stop at Pieskowa Ska艂a Castle, you will certainly gain more time to explore the rest of the buildings in peace.
  4. Bledowska Desert and Ojcowski National Park

    1. Czestochowa - Bledowska Desert - Ojcow National Park - Czestochowa is a route of about 240 km in both directions. It is worth juxtaposing these two extremes on one trip and see once again how human activity affects nature.
  • Czestochowa -Jasna Gora monastery and city skyline in the background

Czestochowa car rental - reliable and comfortable cars

Are you planning a vacation in the Cz臋stochowa area, or maybe you need to rent a car for your company's needs, as your employees travel hundreds of kilometers around Poland every day? Whatever your plan is, Czestochowa - Kaizen Rent car rental company will help you implement it.

Our fleet consists of the latest car models available on the market, and is diverse and well-equipped. We have agile, compact B-class cars such as Reno Clio, Suzuki Swift, roomy and capacious SUVs such as Ford Kuga, Toyota RAV4. Car rental Czestochowa is also small cargo cars of R, M, N, T classes, or more luxurious cars of C and D classes.

Czestochowa car rental for days, weeks or months

Czestochowa car rental is the comfort of renting for the length of time you need. Fill out the form on our website or call to learn more about our short or medium term rental offer. You can pick up your car at our branch at 聽Wa艂y Genera艂a J贸zefa Dwernickiego 197 or at any other location you choose. Our Czestochowa Kaizen Rent car rental outlet is located near the Ajrisa Rooms Hotel (42 Armii Krajowej Avenue), where you can stay overnight.聽

There is no mileage limit on rental cars, and you can plan your trip not only for the whole of Poland, but also for the countries of Europe. Remember, however, that you need to purchase a special permit. For detailed information, please see the REGULATIONS or call +48 76 727 99 99.

Czestochowa car rental - tailored offer for you

Czestochowa car rental company Kaizen Rent will adapt to your needs. Experience has taught us to meet the expectations of customers and suggest customized solutions for business travel. A delegation in Czestochowa, a conference at Rocha Center and a business coffee at Rabsztyn Castle? Your busy schedule does not include washing, refueling and dropping your car off at a branch of the car rental company Cz臋stochowa? Our consultants will help you compose an add-on package tailored for the modern businessman, providing more freedom.聽

An additional driver (PLN 20), a child seat (PLN 20), GPS navigation (PLN 20), and even a Wi-Fi router (PLN 20) are just some of the numerous add-ons that will allow you to flawlessly plan the route of your trip along the Route of Industrial Monuments, to get to know the industrial face of Czestochowa and move comfortably between castles on the Trail of Eagles' Nests, which are several kilometers away from each other.聽

Rent a car Czestochowa means the same benefits on the way to and from Czestochowa!

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