Rent a car to suit your needs

Rent a car to suit your needs

Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Read when you travel outside of PolandWhen planning your car trip outside of Poland, be sure to purchase a travel abroad permit and read the list of 18 countries with a permit: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.
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Choose the car you are interested in: passenger, van, manual or automatic. Wide selection of models in classes: B, C, D, SUV, R, M, N

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Poland is a whole of things to see and do - for tourists and businesspeople as well. However, to fully enjoy the sightseeing opportunities or to efficiently get from one business meeting to another, you need a car you can rely on. Our company, Kaizen Rent, meets the needs of all customers.

We offer many cars of all classes to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Are you traveling with your family or a group of friends and looking for a spacious, safe car? We have it! Or do you want to impress your business partners? Our luxury cars provide prestige!

With our car rental, every trip will not only be more comfortable but also more enjoyable. However, the best way to experience this is by yourself, and we encourage you to do so!

For a trouble-free journey through the picturesque landscapes, consider a car rental in Poland. Consider a Kaizen Rent Company!

Cheap Car Rentals ÔÇô Poland at your fingertips

Poland has 23 National Parks and 16 UNESCO-listed sites, access to the sea and mountains, thousands of museums, and hundreds of castles. Many locations have been used to shoot scenes for popular Netflix shows. What does that mean? One thing ÔÇô you'll never be bored in Poland.

So, it is no wonder that millions of tourists visit the country yearly, looking for fun, entertainment, and exciting travel experiences. However, to make sure you enjoy as much as possible, it's wise to have a suitable vehicle. And while trains or public transportation allow you to move from city to city in relative comfort, nothing can replace the convenience of a rental car

Our offices are located in dozens of cities across Poland, and our rental range is always adapted to the needs of different customers. You can pre-book a car using the form on our website, by email or phone, or you can find us at the airport.

Convenience, convenience, and more convenience ÔÇô this is our philosophy.

That's why we not only make sure that traveling in our cars is as comfortable as possible (including a wide choice of classes and a full tank of fuel), but we also fulfill various customer needs (including delivering the car to a predetermined location, such as the airport).
Contact us today so you can travel freely to all its beautiful destinations when you visit Poland.

How to rent a car? Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk and others)

Before a trip, whether for business or personal reasons, there are always many things to take care of, and time is usually tight. We know this very well, so our goal was to simplify the procedures as much as possible to make renting a car a piece of cake.

Our Customer Service is open 24/7. Did you forget to reserve a car before your arrival, and now you're at the airport and need help figuring out what to do? In some airports, you will find our points where a staff member quickly guides you through the car rental process. You can also contact us by phone, and we will arrange delivery of the car to the specified address (e.g., airport parking).

What documents do you need to rent a car? We minimize the paperwork, so we only ask for an ID, a valid driver's license, and a payment card.

As one of the largest car rental companies in Poland, we have offices in many cities, which means that you can return your car to a place different from where you rented it. So, you're planning a trip around the country, facing a marathon of business meetings, and visiting several cities? In that case, you don't have to worry about where to return the vehicle.

Do you have any other wishes or special requirements (such as a car with a baby seat, automatic transmission, a specific model or vehicle color)? Let us know, and we will fulfill them!

For a flexible and convenient way to explore, Poland hire a car is the ideal solution!