Lubin market square. View of the historic Town Hall and townhouses


Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 z艂 per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 z艂 per rental day
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Car rental - Lubin

Lubin - Branch Odrodzenia
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Why our clients recommend us

  • This was the first time I used a rental car . I am very pleased with the car they provided me , but also the hotline service and drivers . I RECOMMEND :-)

    Gaginka Gaginka
  • I have no negative comments on the quality of the services provided. Everything went according to the contract and expectations. I recommend the company

    Andrzej Jak贸bowski
  • Super contact, car clean, well maintained. Everything settled on time and without the slightest problems ! I highly recommend :)

    Micha艂 Michalak
  • I am very satisfied with the rental service. The car was substituted at the agreed date and time, it was clean and smelling. My expectations were met 100%.

    Agnieszka Zakrocka
  • Meeting the deadline Excellent service .Respect for the customer .Highly recommended

    January 2023
    wieslawa wozniak
  • The car I received as a replacement was clean and well maintained. Telephone service at the highest level. I would definitely recommend.

    January 2023
    Patryk Biskup
  • Everything ok, top class!!!

    February 2023
    Maciekr Roz
  • Last Monday, i.e. 3.04.2023, a car was needed "immediately". The dispatcher showed empathy and efficiency. In less than an hour a friendly young man found time despite numerous other matters and delivered the car to the indicated place.
    Much gratitude and respect on my part.

    5 April 2023
    Dariusz G膮siorek
  • Professional service over the phone and on the spot. New cars, good rental prices and low damage costs. I have not found anything more favourable. Very good.

    January 2024

Glogowska Tower with fragments of surviving defensive walls, Castle Hill with a Gothic chapel, a late Baroque town hall, a monument to Jan Wy偶ykowski, the discoverer of copper deposits, the Chalice, which is an old water tower turned into a climbing wall - do you already know these monuments? These are important places for the residents of Lubin, a thriving and family-friendly city in Lower Silesia.

Is Lubin just a waypoint on your business trip for you? Heading with your family for a holiday in the mountains or at the seaside, you pass through here, but have never stopped for longer? Consider our suggestion and relax here. You can spend a nice time with your children or friends in Wroclaw Park. There you will meet numerous species of birds, stroke goats in the farm animal enclosure or see prehistoric reptiles up close. History buffs will find their way to the Forest Park, which was created on the site of a post-Soviet shooting range, while the youngest will love the Family Rope Park. Lubin also has a pretty well-developed accommodation base. Before a business trip, you'll get a decent night's sleep in one of four 4-star hotels.聽

Car rental Lubin - explore on your own terms

Car rental Lubin gives you the opportunity to explore all these areas - you choose the conditions under which you want to make your trip. Check out where to go in the Lubin area and don't let yourself be limited! Explore our tour suggestions:

  1. What to see in Lubin?

    1. City walls, Town Hall, Jan Wy偶ykowski Monument,
    2. Glogowska Tower, Square Tower/Chancel,聽
    3. Castle ruins from the 14th century Castle Chapel,聽
    4. Lubin zoo, Wroc艂aw Park, murals.
  2. Head for Legnica!

    1. Lubin - Family Rope Park Lubin - Piast Castle in Legnica - Mausoleum of the Silesian Piasts - Legnica Palm House - Lubin is a route of about 55 km round trip, which will allow you to visit the attractions of Legnica, as well as active recreation in the Family Rope Park.
  3. Visit the Museum of Ceramics, the Landscape Park and much more!

    1. Lubin - Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec - Buffalo Mountain, Heath - Przemkow Landscape Park - Lubin is a route for about 190 km round trip. Beautiful walks through the Landscape Park are the culmination of a day - where you will visit one of the most recognizable places on the map of Polish ceramic crafts and take beautiful photos against the backdrop of heather fields.
  4. Lubin's surroundings for the youngest:

    1. Lubin - Witches' Hill in Stara Rudna - Wokini Indian Village - Glogow Open Air Museum - Gr臋bocice Palace - Lubin is a route of about 130 km in both directions. On this route you will find tourist attractions for the youngest - an Indian village or an open-air museum. However, adults, too, will have a rest, walking on the Witches' Hill or viewing the ruins of the castle in Gr臋bocice.

Car rental Lubin - a new car at a super price!

The capital of the Copper Belt, thanks to its location, is a great base for exploring Lower Silesia. Thanks to the newly built S3 expressway, you can quickly reach the mysterious Sudetes or the Lubuskie forested lakes. 聽

To visit the city and get to know its surroundings, it is worth betting on a good car. Matching a vehicle to your individual needs will help you rent a car, Lubin, under the brand Kaizen Rent. In our assortment you will find cars from different segments, with automatic or manual transmission, so you drive as you like. All cars are new, up to two years old, clean with air conditioning and a full tank, ready to go. And when you need to pack a bunch of friends - Kaizen Rent is also a bus rental Lubin.

Car rental Lubin offers a modern fleet consisting of different classes of cars available on the market. You will find with us comfortable and agile B-class vehicles, such as Toyota Yaris or Kia Rio, roomy and family SUVs, i.e. Ford Kuga, Renault Kadjar. We also have larger transport cars (Ford Transit, Renault Express).

The branch of our car rental Lubin is located at 35 Odrodzenia Street. The point is located in a strategic place, at the corner of the city, at the entrance to the expressway. This saves you time - you pick up the car, get behind the wheel and hit the road!

  • Lubin - market square with historic town hall and townhouses
  • Lubin - Cuprum Arena
  • Cuprum Arena Shopping Center in Lubin
  • Chalice - climbing tower in Lubin
  • Castle Hill in Lubin. Solidarity Monument

Car rental Lubin - book fast and mobile.

From home, from the office, from a walk - you can rent cars Lubin from anywhere. All you need is a phone and access to the Internet. To make the booking process at Kaizen Rent as simple and fast as possible, choose one of the ways available 24/7:

Kaizen Rent Lubin car rental always provides free vehicle reservation and possible cancellation up to 24h from the car pick-up date. At this stage you do not need to provide any payment card details. You will only need it when you pick up the car to make a temporary deposit lock. At that time you will also be asked for your ID and driver's license. 聽聽

Car rental Lubin - tailor your rental to you!

Car rental Lubin also offers car rental with the option of pick-up and return at any address. You choose the location, our driver substitutes the selected vehicle or picks it up from the designated place. You can also extend your Lubin car rental at any time - inform us by email or phone.聽

Lubin car rental for a day, a month and for more!

Car rental Lubin offers its cars for both individual customers and companies. There are different needs and different reasons for renting cars, and the most common include:

  • short trips for the weekend or longer vacations with the family,
  • business trips, special trips for celebrations or holidays,
  • moving house, a quick change of location.

Lower Silesia already visited? No more secrets from you? Are you tempted by a trip to Saxon Switzerland, or maybe you want to visit the Rock City in Czech Adr拧pach? Travelling abroad in a rented car is no problem at Kaizen Rent car rental Lubin. All you need to do is buy the appropriate permit in advance. When traveling on four wheels in the EU or Schengen countries, nothing will limit you anymore!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Lubin

Is it possible to drop off a vehicle in a location where Kaizen Rent does not have a branch office?

Yes. At Kaizen Rent, you decide where you want to pick up the car. We will deliver the reserved vehicle to any address throughout Poland and even abroad. And if you want, we will also pick up from the indicated location. All you need to know is that this is an extra charge service. For details, see the terms and conditions or contact a representative.聽
You will pick up or return the car free of charge at the branch and at selected airports.聽

In case of damage, am I liable for it? What kind of liability?

You are not liable if the damage is not your fault, and the cost of repair is covered by the perpetrator's liability insurance. In case you are at fault, it all depends on the type of damage and the terms of the rental agreement. The deciding factor is whether you have purchased the Comfort package, which transfers part of the liability to the company.聽
Each such incident is considered individually, and you will receive help and additional information from our Customer Service Department.

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