Historic buildings along the Brda River characteristic of Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz Szwederowo

Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Read when you travel outside of PolandWhen planning your car trip outside of Poland, be sure to purchase a travel abroad permit and read the list of 18 countries with a permit: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Car rental - Bydgoszcz Szwederowo airport

Bydgoszcz - Airport (M&G)
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Why our clients recommend us

  • Everything as Ok as possible, but the windows could be washed after each clique.­čśë.
    And so I recommend 5 stars Recommended

    April 2022
    Krystian Balcerowicz
  • Everything in the best order. Recommended.

    June 2022
    Waldemar Pilarski
  • I am fully satisfied with the cooperation with Kaizen Rent.

    8 July 2022
    Arkadiusz Kujawski
  • Service from the drivers and the company at a high level. Car clean substituted and picked up at the appointed time. In good conscience I can recommend car rental from Kaizen Rent­čĹŹ.

    June 2022
    Karol Ceplin

Did you know thatÔÇŽ:

  • Bydgoszcz ranks among the top 10 destinations in Poland?
  • Bydgoszcz is one of the major centers of the IT industry?
  • Bydgoszcz has a wealth of belle ├ępoque architecture?
  • Bory Tucholskie is the second-largest forest complex in Poland?

If you're a fan of active or historical tourism, spas, and other activities, you will satisfy your lust for adventure in Bydgoszcz.

The Kuyavia-Pomerania region offers a powerhouse of attractions at any time of the year. You can start exploring the area when you leave the airport terminal. The Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo airport is surrounded on four sides by the Bydgoszcz Forest, and a stone's throw from the airport is the Exploseum ÔÇô the World War II museum.

Whether you're brought to Kujawsko-Pomorskie by the fame that Bydgoszcz is the Polish Amsterdam, or you're pursuing business in the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, rest assured that a car rental service at Bydgoszcz airport, operating under the banner of Kaizen Rent, will be there to help you navigate all the locations important to you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.  

Kaizen Rent ÔÇô Car Hire Bydgoszcz Airport: We Are Even Closer to You

Our rental company operates at all airports in the country, including Kujawsko-Pomorskie, where we provide short and medium-term car rental services for local businesses and individual customers. Whether you need a car for a business trip, a weekend away with a bunch of friends, or a replacement car after a car crash, Kaizen Rent will customize an offer tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Car rental service at Bydgoszcz airport is:

  • minimum formalities,
  • flexible terms and conditions,
  • diversified fleet,
  • competitive prices.

All this is included in the simple Meet&Greet formula. The basic principle of the M&G system is direct contact with the customer and taking care of him. However, picking up the car straight from the airport terminal and the possibility of returning it anywhere in Poland is comfort and convenience ÔÇô another benefit for the car hirer.┬á

  • Bydgoszcz - characteristic buildings on the Brda River

Meet&Greet ÔÇô Car Rental at the Bydgoszcz Airport

In the M&G formula, we offer car rental at the Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo airport, delivering them from the nearest branch. Our driver will wait for you in the arrivals hall.

To make it easier for you to identify yourself, he will hold a piece of paper with our company's logo. Together, you will walk to the parking lot to finalize the transaction. After signing the rental agreement and drawing a report on the vehicle's condition, you will receive the keys and documents, including car insurance.

Car Rental ÔÇô Airport Booking

Renting a car at Kaizen Rent is simple. Whether you plan to rent for a few days or need a car for months, booking a vehicle is similar. 

  1. To begin, take a look at our fleet and choose the class of car that suits you best. 
  2. Decide how long you need to rent a car, such as a couple of days, or if a longer rental, such as a couple of weeks, will suit you better.
  3. Then, choose the form of reservation for the selected vehicle. You can do it by phone: +48 76 727 99 99, by e-mail: [email protected], or by form on our website www.kaizenrent.pl/en. All of the above are available 24h/7.
  4. Please collect your car at the agreed time and place, and then you can be on your way. 

Remember, when renting a car, you always get a standard insurance package, 24-hour technical support, and service. Assistance is at your disposal in case of a breakdown. Car rental at Bydgoszcz airport always takes place based on an explicit rental agreement after a protocol of the condition of the rented vehicle is drawn up. 

Booking is not equivalent to signing a car rental agreement. It's a free process, and we don't ask you for any documents or payment card numbers. It is also the norm at Kaizen Rent to cancel your reservation for free if you make it up to 24 hours before pick-up.

Reserve your car today: car hire at Bydgoszcz Airport in Poland is at your fingertips.

Return of a Rented Car ÔÇô It's That Easy!

As a standard, you can return the car at our branch in Bydgoszcz, at 52 Bielicka Street, or the airport. Then, you leave the car in the P1 parking lot and go to the departure hall. At the main entrance, our driver will be waiting for you, to whom you can hand over the keys. He will take care of the rest and return the car to our rental branch. 

However, there are other options available at the car rental Bydgoszcz airport. When the return takes place outside the branch office hours, we will add PLN 99,99 to the bill. However, if Polish Amsterdam is just a stop on your trip, you also have the option to return the car to any location ÔÇô the cost is 249,99 PLN.

Customize your rental car to suit you!

You can mix add-ons and packages for car rental at Bydgoszcz airport as you like, considering that each has an additional fee.  

  1. Extras payable at one time: 
    1. Travel outside the EU (PLN 299),
    2. Final washing of the vehicle (PLN 79,99),
    3. Fuel prepayment (499,99 PLN), 
  2. Extras payable per day:
    1. Additional driver (PLN 19,99/day), 
    2. GPS navigation (PLN 19,99/day),
    3. Wi-Fi router (PLN 19,99/day),
    4. Snow chains (PLN 19,99/day),
    5. Child safety seats (PLN 19,99 - 29,99/day). 

In addition, for those who prioritize safety and comprehensive protection to guard against any surprises on the road, car rental companies at Bydgoszcz airport has introduced four packages:

  1. Standard Package - without protection,
  2. Comfort Package - with protection,
  3. Premium Package - more travel comfort,
  4. Flexible Package - more freedom.

Detailed information on our website and regulations can be found on the blog.

Kaizen Rent offers attractive and competitive prices in the car rental market. The cost of a car rental at Bydgoszcz airport depends on several factors, including the car segment, length of rental, place of return, and selected additional options.

Ultimately, you decide how much you want to spend on a car rental at Bydgoszcz airport. If you plan to spend more time in this city, we encourage you to take advantage of our car rental in Bydgoszcz.

Frequently asked questions about car rental at Bydgoszcz airport

Can I rent a car at Bydgoszcz Airport with a US or UK driving license?

US citizens must have an international or Polish driver's license to rent a car in Poland. Citizens of the European Union, the Swiss Confederation, the European Free Trade Agreement countries, and the United Kingdom can use their original driver's licenses without needing replacement. However, citizens from other countries must obtain an international driver's license.

Do I need to pay additional fees due to my age, whether I am too young or too old?

At Kaizen Rent, we apply additional protection in the form of the YOUNG DRIVER package and the SENIOR package. The additional rate for drivers under 23 years of age is PLN 29.99 per rental day. Similarly, for a driver over 70 years of age, the additional rate is charged at PLN 29,99.

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