Car rental for businesses

Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Read when you travel outside of PolandWhen planning your car trip outside of Poland, be sure to purchase a travel abroad permit and read the list of 18 countries with a permit: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Car rental for businesses

Kaizen Rent is synonymous with a modern approach to business. It offers flexible solutions for company fleets - providing guaranteed growth, stability and savings. Discover mobility, convenience and security with Kaizen Rent car rental for companies!

Flexible and efficient car rental for months - discover the benefits for your business!

Mobility is the attitude of an efficient business. If you want your company not to slow down on the road to success, find out more about the advantages of car rental for small and larger businesses. This type of fleet financing is a modern and forward-looking approach to business and a guarantee of growth, security and savings for any company. 

The key to success in today's demanding times is flexibility and responsiveness to change. We understand this perfectly, which is why we have created a car rental offer that adapts to your changing needs over time.

In circumstances of galloping inflation, rising fuel prices, a volatile market situation, aggressive competition or rising costs, it is rental that meets a need that is here and now. Polish entrepreneurs are increasingly opting for medium-term business rental or long-term car rental. Such a solution makes it possible to limit financial risk and, at the same time, provides flexibility and scalability in developing operations.

Medium-term car rental complements and optimises your fleet. Company cars do not sit idle and therefore do not generate costs. Our vehicles are available ‘on the spot’ and ready to replenish your company fleet at any time. In short, this form of car financing allows you to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, take advantage of growth opportunities and, at the same time, reduce the risk of change. 


Car hire for companies - What makes us different?

Kaizen Rent is a vehicle rental company that offers flexible solutions for company fleets. 

Mobility, convenience and safety are the priorities of our car rental company. This is why we are successively expanding our fleet, which currently consists of more than 5,500 vehicles and is still growing. Our cars are new and well-equipped, covered by 24h/7 Assistance protection. We rely on proven brands and popular models, which our customers are most often looking for. We rent cars from all segments, including cargo vehicles and premium luxury models, which gives you unlimited possibilities in assembling your company fleet. 

What do our company's customers love us for?

  • We care about your safety. You get a new, clean and insured car with 24/7 assistance care.
  • We apply clear and transparent rules. You know all the conditions and costs of renting a car from the very beginning.
  • We give you flexibility. You rent for as long as you need with the option to extend or cancel at any time.
  • We are available to you 24/7 and will deliver your vehicle to the address you require, even outside office hours. 

Why our clients recommend us

  • Super contact, fast car pick-up, minimum paperwork. So much for so little. I recommend

  • This is the third time I have used Kaizen for car hire, and each time I have had the best possible impression. Professionalism, punctuality, new and clean cars and very friendly service. Oh, and let's not forget the good rental prices. I would definitely recommend.

    Joanna Kawinska
  • Fast and efficient.service. Hassle-free.return. Friendly.guys. Punctual.


Above, we publish a selection of opinions from among those published in the Google search engine. It is not technically possible for us to verify that these opinions are from people who have actually used our services.

Car rental for companies - build a modern business with a fleet from Kaizen Rent!

Car rental for companies - discover the advantages of flexible fleet management with Kaizen Rent

Flexible and efficient rental provides fixed costs, a high standard and professional service throughout the duration of the contract.  It's a modern approach to business, providing stability, security and savings for any company. 

Car hire for businesses at Kaizen Rent is:

  • A wide selection of models from the 2022 - 2024 vintage.
  • Flexible rental terms - option to cancel or extend. 
  • Dedicated caretaker responds to your company's changing needs. 
  • Insurance, tyres and servicing included in the rental price.
  • Replacement car in the event of breakdown - Assistance 24/7.
  • Fast, almost immediate pick-up in Poland and abroad.
  • Minimum of formalities, fast and comprehensive service.
  • Fixed, predictable instalments and zero start-up costs!

Car hire for companies - flexible solutions tailored to you!

Renting for months means using a car without long-term commitments and without lowering your company's credit rating. Renting a car for days or months does not require you to commit your own funds to the purchase of a vehicle.

Therefore, this flexible form of rental has now become an excellent complement to buying or leasing a car for the company. More and more entrepreneurs are making use of it. Find out how rental can fit into your company's needs.

Long-term rental for companies - modern business support

Long-term rental for companies is the right choice for those who need permanent access to a car, with no long-term commitment and no need to buy a used car. Ideal for everyday business travel. Dedicated to companies where employee mobility is the basis of business and a guarantee of success. Insurance, tyres and servicing included in the rental price, a replacement car in the event of breakdown - Assistance 24/7 - you develop the business, we take care of the details! Check out our offer!

Medium-term rental for companies - optimising the company fleet

Medium-term rental for companies is the possibility of renting a vehicle for a period of 1 to 12 months. Terms and conditions for rental of a vehicle or group of vehicles are individually adapted to you and your needs. Medium term car rental completes and optimises your fleet. It is ideal for temporary projects, as pre-contract vehicles or for longer repairs to your company fleet. Company car hire is a guarantee of flexibility and convenience without long-term commitments.

Check out our offer!

24-hour car rental for companies - get a car now!

Car won't start? The technical inspection of the vehicle has been prolonged, and your employee does not have a car to drive to a client meeting? Nothing to lose. Daily rental for companies allows you to put out ‘small fires’ in your company. Ideal for emergencies like an immediate business trip. Simply pick up the keys and hit the road with Kaizen Rent.

Give us a call and let's talk about flexible fleet management:

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