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Frequently asked questions

Booking a car
Accidents & car damage
Mid-term rental

Booking a car

What is the minimum rental period?

1 day.

Is a deposit always mandatory?

Yes, the deposit is always mandatory. You can reduce it to 500 PLN by purchasing the Comfort Package. The package not only reduces the deposit, but also protects you completely from liability for any damages.

Can a person other than the one named in the rental agreement drive the car?

No, the car can be driven only by the person who was indicated in the car rental agreement. Before signing the contract, inform us that the car will be driven by other persons. Then, we will add them to the rental contract. This option is payable additionally - 20 PLN per day of the rental, for each additional driver.

After what time is the deposit released?

If there are no objections to the condition of the returned vehicle, the deposit is unlocked by us immediately after the end of the rental, no later than the next business day. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the moment when the bank will unlock the funds on your account. In the case of some banks, it may take even several days.

What forms of payment are available at Kaizen Rent?

You can pay for your rental by debit card, credit card, traditional bank transfer or online. Please note that we will ask you to present your debit card at the time of vehicle release in order to block the deposit on your card.

How do I rent a car from Kaizen Rent?

Our customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, on the website you will find currently available cars for rent. 

Therefore, you can make a reservation at any time:

  • over the Internet: using the booking system on our website
  • using Live chat, available on the website
  • by phone: call us on +48 76 727 99 99
  • by e-mail: write to [email protected]
  • at one of Kaizen Rent branches.  You can find the address of the branch nearest to you and its opening hours in the Contact section.

Does the car have to be returned with a full tank of gas?

The car is rented with a full tank of fuel and must be returned in that condition. An exception to this is if you have purchased the "Final refuelling" package. Then you are exempt from the obligation to return the car with a full tank.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

The total cost of rental is influenced by several components:

  • The car fee, which depends on the selected vehicle class

and, depending on selected extras, there may be:

  • Fee for selected additional options (such as: additional security, additional driver, travel abroad or child seat)
  • Pick-up/pick-up service for the vehicle at a given address
  • Fee for vehicle pick-up/ drop-off outside regular working hours.
  • Preparation fee

A deposit is required upon collection of the vehicle, the amount of which depends on the selected vehicle class. The deposit is a temporary blockade of funds on the card for future payments, and is unblocked immediately after the end of the rental.

What documents do I need to show at the time of rental?

When picking up the vehicle, we will ask you to show us:

  • An identity document (e.g.: ID card, passport),
  • A valid driver's license (it is required that the driver's license is presented by each person who will be driving the vehicle),
  • Credit or payment card with the possibility to block the deposit on the card.

Is the car insured?

Yes, our cars come with a full insurance package. When you pick up the car, you will receive from our employee an Insurance Certificate confirming the validity of the insurance.

Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license?

You can rent a car without any problems if you have a driver's license valid in Poland. In other cases, an international driver's license will be required.

I would like to extend my rental by a few days, what should I do?

Call us on +48 76 727 99 99 and let us know that you want to extend your rental. Our consultant will tell you how to pay for the next days of rental.

Can I rent a specific car model?

When you make a reservation, you choose the class of vehicle, not a specific make or model. However, you can always ask us which specific model you are interested in. If it is available, we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Do cars have a mileage limit?

With Kaizen Rent you rent a car without a mileage limit.

Where can I pick up/return my rented car?

You can pick up / return the car at one of Kaizen Rent branches, airports or Meet&Greet points. We charge an additional fee for dropping off or picking up a car at an M&G point. You can pick up / return your car at our branches and at selected airports free of charge.

Can I travel outside Poland with a rented car?

Yes, we have the option to travel abroad to 18 member countries of the European Union and the Schengen area (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden). This is subject to an additional fee. You can find the current rate in the Table of Fees and Commissions.

It is forbidden to travel to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and countries where armed conflicts are taking place.

What does the final vehicle wash service consist of?

When you buy the "Final Wash" service, you can return the dirty car to us.  A Kaizen Rent employee will do the vacuuming and wash the car's exterior for you. However, the "Final Wash" service does not include the removal of smoking marks or specialized upholstery washing.

Accidents & car damage

What documents are needed in a collision with the perpetrator's liability?

  • the offender's license plate number,
  • number of the perpetrator's insurance policy,
  • in case the car was moving, we additionally need the driver's license and a statement of sobriety.  

What does the "exclamation point in brackets with a horseshoe" light mean?

If this light comes on in your car, first check the tire pressures. If it is correct, go to the ASO and ask for calibration of sensors (if the vehicle does not have programming function in the vehicle menu). If it is slightly below normal, go as soon as possible to a place where you can inflate the wheels (usually a gas station). Otherwise, contact our hotline.

How many miles does a Kaizen Rent vehicle have to be serviced?

Inspection information is included on the release record. If you have additional questions, please contact the Kaizen Rent Technical Department.

What should I do if my car is running out of oil?

Refill it, this can be 5w30 all-purpose oil for example. If you notice an oil leak, contact Kaizen Rent's technical department.

If an accident occurs, am I liable for it? What is it? 

Each case is different and it all depends on the type of damage and the terms of the rental. If the damage was not your fault and the repair costs are made from the liability of the perpetrator, then of course not. In case the damage is your fault, it all depends on the type of damage and the rental conditions. If you have the Comfort Package, your liability is much lower. These are matters regulated in detail by the terms and conditions of the contract you receive with your car rental. If you would like to inquire about a specific case, please contact us.

What should I do if I get a message about AdBlue?

Stop at the nearest gas station and add AdBlue with the ignition off.

A light is on in the car, such as the check engine light. Can I continue driving?

This depends on the type of light that is on:

  • Red - stop in a safe place and report an emergency. Car requires towing,
  • Yellow - warning of irregularity. You can drive to the service station by yourself


What should I do if an injury is caused through no fault of my own?

Ask the perpetrator for the necessary details, including the registration number of his car. In case the police arrive, we will need information about its origin.

If the police were not called, we will need the perpetrator's statement with a description of the incident, the perpetrator's driver's license and his policy number.

What should I do if I have a flat tire?

If you have a spare wheel, install it and contact Kaizen Rent's technical department to arrange for wheel repair. If you do not have a spare wheel also contact Kaizen Rent's technical department who will arrange for on-site assistance.

What kind of oil can I add?

The universal oil to add is 5w30.


How to make a complaint?

You can make a complaint:

  • by e-mail: [email protected]
  • via our form available at under the "Complaints" tab,
  • in paper form to the address: Kaizen Rent, Claims Department, Gen. Józefa Bema 8 Street, 59-300 Lubin.

Attach the necessary information or documents to allow us to efficiently analyse your claim.

What information do I need to include in a complaint?

You will find the information required for your claim on the claim form.

If you are filing a complaint by email, include the following information:

  • Tenant's name,
  • Booking or framework agreement number.

If the complaint is about an invoice you have received, please include the invoice number. Optionally, the registration number of the rented vehicle can also be included.

How soon will I receive a response to my complaint?

We will make every effort to keep the response time as short as possible. Once we receive your request with all the necessary data, we aim to provide a response in less than 14 days from the date we receive your request. The average waiting time is currently several days.

How long does it take to make a claim?

Make your claim as soon as possible. Preferably immediately after the event has occurred. If the complaint relates to a return on which you were not present, and at the same time you do not agree with the protocol of receipt drawn up by the representative, any objections should be reported within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the protocol.

The driver left the vehicle with me and drove away. There is visible damage to the vehicle that he did not note on the release report. What can I do?

In this situation, please contact our hotline immediately. If possible, take photos of the damage and send them to [email protected] with a brief description of the situation. The indicated damage will be taken into account when returning the vehicle so that you will not be held responsible for it. If the time of day or weather conditions prevent you from taking clear photos, you can take them the next morning.

Mid-term rental

What if the vehicle breaks down?

We always wish our customers trouble-free travel. However, if such a situation occurs, our cars are covered by 24-hour service care. Contact to our Technical Department is given on the scent tag or on a sticker on the side window of each car. Our Technical Department will give you all the help you need. Just call us on + 48 76 749 99 40.

Is it possible to drop off or pick up a vehicle in a location where Kaizen Rent does not have a branch location?

Of course it is YES. We deliver and pick up cars all over Poland and sometimes even abroad. Just give us any address and we will meet you there to deliver or pick you up. However, this is an extra paid service. Ask our representative about detailed costs. You will also find them in the Regulations.

What if I damage my vehicle during use?

Please report any damage to your vehicle to our Technical Department by calling +48 76 749 99 40. A member of the Technical Department will help you assess the situation and guide you through the next steps. In the case of more serious damage, preventing further travel, will decide on the replacement vehicle.

What if my rental period ends and I still need a car?

The advantage of renting by the month is that you can extend your rental very quickly. All you have to do is contact your caregiver or any Kaizen representative and set the terms of the extension. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can forward your rental extension request to us at any time, but we ask that it be at least 24 hours before the scheduled end of your rental.

Do I have the option to select a car by characteristics such as color, make, model, equipment, etc.?

The basic category we use when renting for months is the class of car e.g. B, C, D, SUV etc. Each class is characterized by some common features like size, type of transmission, standard of equipment. However, individual cars within a given class may differ in brand, color, or equipment details. Therefore, our representative serves his knowledge and assistance in selecting the best class of car to your needs. The advantage is that you can drive different classes, depending on the situation and your current requirements.

When can I expect my deposit back?

Deposits are returned within 14 working days, provided there is no damage to the vehicle. The deposit is returned to the account from which it was paid. In case of returning a damaged vehicle, the deposit remains blocked until the damage is settled, unless the Lessor settles the charge earlier.

What are the most common questions about Kaizen Rent car use, breakdowns and repairs?

Answers to most questions can be found in our Driver's Guide. If you have additional ones, please contact us!

How to pick up the car

All formalities are carried out electronically. First, we confirm the date, time and place of car collection by phone or e-mail. Then our driver, already on the spot, makes a joint inspection, checks the documents and collects a deposit. Finally, the confirmation along with the contract and regulations are sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the user.

In what condition should I return the vehicle?

As a rule, the car should be in the same condition in which it was delivered at the time of return. In practice, this means that the car should be fully fueled, clean and undamaged. Exceptions are situations regulated by the contract or regulations. For example, you have purchased additional services such as final washing, refuelling or you have purchased the Comfort Package.