Lodz - picturesque Piotrowska Street


Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 z艂 per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 z艂 per rental day
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Car Rental - Lodz

艁贸d藕 - Airport (M&G)
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  • The whole team of Kaizen Rent as much as possible on 5! Top of the line cars fast clean and reliable especially hassle-free! I recommend as much as possible! Greetings Michnik@馃憤

    Micha艂 Ka艂u偶ny
  • Very cool and courteous service at the Lodz branch. Quick pick-up and return of the car, without complicated procedures. I recommend.

  • Everything as it should be. Drivers substituting the vehicle as well as phone service very nice people. Replacement car at a high level. I am satisfied and recommend as much as possible! 馃槈 Absolutely nothing to complain about.

  • As for me everything is fine. From the beginning smooth process,nice employees who showed great commitment, helpful. In a word super!with a clear conscience I recommend the company.

    Joanna Pawlikowska
  • Everything professionally handled, car clean beautifully washed ready to drive.

    7 February 2023
  • Everything was in perfect order, contact with the staff and the driver was great. The rental went from start to finish without any problems, I can recommend it with a clear mind!

    8 January 2023
  • I received a replacement car from my Assistance.
    From the contact with the helpline lady to the delivery of the car to my house, everything went smoothly and on time.
    The car was new, clean and I was very positively surprised by its power despite its size;)

    January 2024
    Em D偶i

艁贸d藕 is one of the few places on the map of Poland where industry and art do not compete. Most of the post-industrial buildings that this third-largest metropolis of our country was once infamous for are now teeming with life and attract dozens of artists from around the world to the center of Poland. They meet at various events like the Urban Forms graffiti festival, the 艁贸d藕 Design Festival and the International Triennale of Textiles, making the city a breeding ground for young talent. And Lodz's flagship architectural gems like Manufaktura, Ksi臋偶y M艂yn and EC1 former thermal power plant are recreational, cultural and educational centers.聽

If you are planning to visit the thoroughly revitalized heart of the land of Leczyca - Kaizen Rent car rental Lodz comes to your aid. Thanks to our standards, renting a car in Lodz is as simple, easy and pleasant as visiting Piotrkowska Street. Smelling new cars, with a full tank and no kilometer limit, will make it easy for you to move between the numerous attractions of the city and its surroundings.

Lodz car rental - what to visit in and around the city?

Lodz offers many interesting places, and its surroundings are full of attractions that will appeal to both young and old. Below we have prepared a set of beautiful routes for you to explore the Lodz area. Car rental Lodz gives you the freedom to move around and explore the area on your own terms!

  1. Lodz from the urban side

    1. Ksi臋偶y M艂yn, Museum of Cinematography in Lodz, Park 殴r贸dliska I, Palm House of the Botanical Garden,
    2. Museum of Artistic Books, Lodz City Culture Park, Central Textile Museum,
    3. Science and Technology Center EC1, Planetarium EC1, Natural History Museum of the University of Lodz,聽
    4. Piotrkowska Street, Unicorn Monument, Murals in Lodz,
    5. Survivors Park, Museum of the City of Lodz, Passage of Roses, Liberty Square,
    6. Staromiejski Park, Old Town, Museum of Art in Lodz MS2.
  2. Forests and beaches - relaxation around Lodz

    1. Lodz - Julianow - Radegast Station - Arturowek - Arturowek Rope Park - Lagiewnicki Forest is a route of about 30 km round trip, but is very rich in attractions along the way. You will visit the beautiful Julian贸w park, the Museum of Independence Traditions, to later go to the beach in Artur贸wek and the rope park. Lagiewnicki Forest Nature Reserve is the icing on the cake of this wonderful trip.
  3. Route to Sulejow

    1. Lodz - Royal Springs in Zeromin - Sulejow - Lodz is a route of about 150 km round trip. At the beginning you will visit the Royal Springs, where it is said that Vladislav Jagiello watered his horses, and then you will go to Sulejow, see the magnificent castle ruins and the old monastery.
  4. Encounter with nature in the Nature Reserve

    1. Lodz - Blue Springs Nature Reserve - Tomaszow Mazowiecki - Lodz is a route of about 160 km round trip. This Nature Reserve covers an area of about 30 hectares, and it is worth setting aside more time to explore it. On the way, hook up with Tomaszow Mazowiecki - there you will find industrial architecture and beautiful monuments, among others.
  • Lodz - picturesque Piotrowska Street

Car rental Lodz - choose a car and go on the road.

Car rental Lodz has never been easier. Our branch is located in the very center of the bustling city at Tomasza Rychli艅skiego 9-20 Street,聽 When you visit us, you certainly won't miss a peek at the Orientarium of the Lodz zoo or a sip of history at the Central Museum of Textiles.聽

Car rental Lodz is also possible at the Wladyslaw Reymont Airport. At the port of Lodz, Kaizen Rent has a car rental point, the so-called Meet&Greet. If you choose this option, our driver will be waiting for you with the car of your choice. You can make a reservation free of charge:

Likewise, you can cancel your reservation, and if you make the cancellation 24 hours before pick-up, it will also be for free.聽

Plan your trip as you are comfortable and take advantage of accommodations that are close to our points. Lodz car rental at 19 Jana Pawla II Avenue, for example, has a Luxury City Gates hotel within reach (about 5 km distance). On the other hand, not far from the airport - less than 4 km away - is the Time For You Apartments 4 hotel, at 6 Batalion贸w Ch艂opskich Street.聽

Car rental Lodz - simple and comfortable

If you rely on work instead of relaxation in Lodz, if you count every second and time is money to you, with our car rental Lodz you can rent a car completely remotely to any address you choose, without wasting a single moment. This option, although an additional fee of PLN 50 within the city (PLN 50 +1 per 1 km outside the city limits of the branch), is ideal for busy people. Lodz car rental offers more amenities for both busy tourists and busy businessmen.

Whether you want to rent a car to explore the countryside or need a car for your business, you'll find the right vehicle with us. Kaizen Rent is about city cars - the best for business trips, it is also about renting vans and buses to meet the needs of your growing business.聽

Lodz car rental company gives you the convenience of renting for the period of your choice - it can be a day, a month or even a whole year. You can make a car reservation online, by filling out a reservation form, or by calling us directly. We will be happy to advise, help and answer your questions!

Choose among flexible packages and functional add-ons and hit the road with us!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Lodz

What does the "exclamation mark in brackets with a horseshoe" light mean?

When the aforementioned light comes on in a rented car, you need to check the tire pressure. If it is below normal, you need to inflate the wheels at the nearest station.
In all technical matters, we recommend contacting the Kaizen Rent hotline. Our consultants will put you in touch with the technical department, there you will get answers to your burning questions.聽

How does the car pick-up in Lodz take place?

We carry out the formalities electronically, after prior arrangements by phone or e-mail (depending on which form of contact with the company you choose). Then, at an agreed time and place, our driver will perform a joint inspection, check the documents, collect the deposit and return the car into your hands. The process is crowned by sending a confirmation of the release of the car and a contract with regulations to the indicated e-mail address.

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