Olsztyn - panorama of the city. View of the roofs of historic buildings

Olsztyn Szymany

Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
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Car rental - Olsztyn Szymany airport

Olsztyn - Airport (M&G)
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Why our clients recommend us

  • Very positive about the cooperation with Kaizen, car prepared for the trip clean, neat and safe. Reaction fast and drivers very open to cooperation. Company worth recommending, if again I will be forced to use a car whether rental or assistance, I hope it will be Kaizen. PS Kaizen great job!!! 👏👏👏🤝

    25 July 2022
    Paweł Jakubowicz
  • I highly recommend the rental company. The car was substituted ja time. It so happened that I received a brand new car. The car was clean. Contact with the hotline and drivers (pickup / delivery) without reservation.

    24 July 2022
    Tomasz Czernik
  • Recommendable company professional service yes this is a company that deserves many more stars. I recommend

    25 January 2022
    Warzecha Artur
  • Full professionalism. The guy from Olsztyn, despite his young age, knows his job. Car clean as new from the showroom. I recommend

    13 July 2022
    Grzegorz Trojan

Picturesque lakes or vast forests? Warming crimson or nutritious spring rolls? A lynostrada or Prussian baba? St. James, or perhaps Nicolaus Copernicus after all...? The capital of Warmia tempts tourists, travelers and globetrotters with many attractions. Both lovers of history, active recreation, those in search of cultural experiences and amateurs of new interesting flavors will find fulfillment here.

Olsztyn, because it is Olsztyn we are talking about, like a magnet attracts throughout the year not only countless tourists, but also businessmen investing in such industries as tire, furniture and timber. It is also a thriving academic and scientific research center, whose prestige is given by the figure of the famous astronomer.

The city is very well-connected and friendly to fans of four wheels. Access to the city by car is convenient thanks to the Olsztyn bypass. The S16 expressway is about 35 kilometers long and encircles almost the entire agglomeration. 55 kilometers from the center of the capital is located the only airport in the Warmian-Masurian province. You can get to Olsztyn-Mazury Airport, better known as Szymany Airport, quickly and pleasantly along national road 53, thanks to new and comfortable vehicles from Kaizen Rent car rental.

Kaizen Rent car rental company, we want to be closer to you!

You will find a stationary branch of our car rental company in Olsztyn at Witosa Street 25. Here we provide car rental in the traditional way, providing advice and support to individual customers and small and larger companies. Olsztyn airport is another location in the capital of Warmia where we are waiting for you. Our team is made up of young and dynamic people, moving with the times, for whom new technologies are everyday life. We adhere to similar standards as a company. We strive to be flexible to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.  

The pursuit of continuous development and constant improvement of car rental processes translates into specific innovations in the way Kaizen Rent operates. One of them is the Meet&Greet car rental formula at the Olsztyn airport.

The expression is derived from English and literally translated means "meet and greet." The very name reflects the idea of this car rental method, which is based on direct contact and surrounding the customer with care from the beginning to the end of his journey with Kaizen Rent, car rental Olsztyn airport.

In the West, where M&G originated, this form of car rental is popular among frequent flyers. It is air travelers who are dedicated to the "meet and greet" procedure, which has also made its way to Polish airports.

Why is the Meet&Greet airport car rental system gaining so many supporters? 

Because airports are peculiar centers, gathering in one place many travelers, often late, often lost, who must undergo many procedures to continue their journey. The often nerve-wracking atmosphere of chaos, seasoned with a pinch of fatigue, is not conducive to making logistical decisions in an often foreign city. M&G car rental at Olsztyn airport eliminates many of the problems faced by the inexperienced tourist in particular. You don't have to order a cab, you don't have to search the Internet to find the number of the dispatcher, you don't look for a branch of the car rental company, and you don't stand in the queues that often line up in front of them. You don't run nervously in search of public transport stops and then push with your luggage in a crowd of other passengers - with Kaizen Rent car rental airport Olsztyn, you can enjoy your trip, because these problems disappear. Likewise, you order the car, we take care of the rest.

  • Olsztyn. The panorama of the city is breathtaking for tourists

Meet&Greet: car pick-up and return step by step

It all begins, as always, with the reservation of a car, which you choose from a number of popular brands, representing different classes. Kaizen Rent has an extensive fleet of new and comfortably equipped vehicles, their characteristics and specifications can be found on our website in the FLEET tab. You can book a car from any place on earth, in the way you prefer most:

Our consultants are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

On the appointed day at the appointed time, our driver, delivers the car to the airport, then goes to the terminal to wait just for you there in the arrivals' hall. You will identify him by the Kaizen Rent company logo placed on a card or tablet. After greeting you, the driver will take you directly to the car located at the airport. There, at the vehicle, you will fill out the pick-up documentation and perform a vehicle inspection together. Our representative will offer you additional packages or optional extras that will make your trip even easier and more enjoyable. These short formalities will be followed by the transfer of documents and keys to the car. The car will always be prepared especially for you, clean, tidy, smelling new, fueled to the brim. Renting a car in the M&G formula, you can feel luxurious.

The return of the car in the M&G system is similar. The difference is that this time you leave the car in the parking lot and go to the passenger check-in. And the driver of Kaizen Rent car rental, Olsztyn airport will meet you at the main entrance of the departure hall. There, the return of your keys and documents will take place. The driver will also pay your parking ticket, if you collected it at the entrance.   

Benefits of renting a car at Olsztyn airport

Minimum formalities, clear and understandable provisions of the rental agreement, no hidden costs - these are just selected advantages of car rental Olsztyn airport. Our customers praise the wide range of cars from different segments: from agile city cars, through multipurpose SUVs, to prestige cars, and rich standard equipment of our vehicles. Also, flexible rental time for days or months and the possibility to extend the reservation and return the car anywhere encourages you to explore the Warmian - Masurian region on your own.

Olsztyn has prepared many attractions for motorists, such as the Gothic Castles Trail, the Grunwald Trail or the Copernicus Trail, running mainly through places connected with the life of Nicolaus Copernicus. The route starts at the High Gate in Olsztyn and runs through three provinces towards Toruń. The length of the section located in the Warmian - Masurian Voivodeship is 237 km - it is difficult to cover it on foot, and it is a pity to skip it.

With Kaizen Rent car rental Olsztyn airport collecting memories is much easier!

Frequently asked questions about car rental at Olsztyn airport

Are Kaizen Rent cars insured? Do I still have to pay any costs?

Every Kaizen Rent Olsztyn airport vehicle comes with liability, AC and accident insurance. However, be aware of the limitations and inclusions. The renter, i.e. you, is responsible for all damage caused by your own fault, and that of your passengers. The deductible is the portion of the damage value that you incur if you cause damage. A deposit (security deposit) blocked on the main driver's card is secured against the deductible.
The deductible rate depends on the class of the rented vehicle.
In our rental company, you can take advantage of additional security, so that you exclude your liability. Of course, as long as the damage was not caused under the influence of intoxicants and alcohol.

Can I wrap the car I rent in Olsztyn for the company?

Entrepreneurs deciding on a longer, so-called medium-term rental car(s) for the company want their cars to be visible and represent the company. At Kaizen Rent, we recommend magnetic mats - a solution that is convenient and easy to use, as effective as stickers. Magnetic mats increase the visibility of the car and advertise the company, but remain without damaging the car's body.

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