Bydgoszcz - characteristic buildings on the Brda River


Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 z艂 per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 z艂 per rental day
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Car Rental Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz - Airport (M&G)
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Why our clients recommend us

  • I am fully satisfied with the cooperation with Kaizen Rent.

    July 2022
    Arkadiusz Kujawski
  • I am generally satisfied with the cooperation with the company gentlemen who brought the car very nice, punctual and the same opinion to gentlemen who received the car. The only thing I have reservations about is the difficulty of contacting the company by phone, the long waiting time for a call.Surely if there is ever such a need I will use the services of the company. Best regards

    July 2022
    Violetta Jarek
  • Service from the drivers and the company at a high level .Car clean substituted and picked up at the appointed time. In good conscience I can recommend car rental from Kaizen Rent馃憤.

    June 2022
    Karol Ceplin
  • I got a practically new car馃槑 The guys at pick up and drop off very nice and businesslike.
    Great price!

    I had a little problem with the location of the point in Bydgoszcz even though I came to the designated address.
    I called the helpline twice but gave up after a few minutes of waiting (5-10min) but communication via email very efficient.

    June 2022
  • Fast, reliable, efficient and on time. Highly recommended.

    9 February 2023
    Andrzej 呕
  • Recommended. Nice and professional service. Car clean and smelling good. Keep it up 馃憤

    January 2023
    Daniel Kowalski
  • I recommend the company! Friendly staff, punctual and the car very clean.

    December 2022
    Teresa Dudek
  • I used Kaizen Rent through my car insurance with PZU. Very professional service. No problem to come to an agreement about the date of the car substitution. The rental car was clean, efficient and of a high standard.

    February 2024
    Piotr Januszewski

Bydgoszcz, is a city through which one of the most important trade routes in Europe once ran. Today it is worth visiting because of:

  • unique monuments, associated with King Casimir III the Great and the water route,
  • culinary attractions and waterway tourism,聽
  • business, because it is a significant center of industry, trade and logistics, and a hub for road, rail and inland waterways.聽

Any reason is good to visit car rental Bydgoszcz and explore the city and its surroundings from the perspective of four wheels. Car Rental Bydgoszcz, under the Kaizen Rent brand, is located at 32 Fordo艅ska Street, 85-085 Bydgoszcz. We operate our second car rental outlet at Bydgoszcz Szwederowo Airport, 1 Paderewskiego Street, 86-005 Bia艂e B艂ota.

Car rental Bydgoszcz - get on the road!

Probably no one needs to be persuaded too long to visit Bydgoszcz and its surroundings, and those who are not yet familiar with this beautiful city on the Brda River can quickly make up for it! Car rental Bydgoszcz is a great way to visit the most important attractions and always be independent on the road.聽

  1. Urban tour of Bydgoszcz

    1. Old Town, granaries on the Brda River, Crossing the river,
    2. City Hall, St. Martin's and St. Nicholas Cathedral,
    3. D艂uga Street and beautiful townhouses, Museum of Soap and History of Dirt,
    4. 18th meridian of east longitude, Lloyd's Palace,
    5. Opera Nova, Bridge of Lovers, Mill Island, Bydgoszcz Venice.
  2. Unusual Nature Trail

    1. Bydgoszcz - Golabek Deer Path - Tuchola - Bydgoszcz is a route about 140 km long in both directions. Deer Path, Swamps on the Strand or Tuchola are beautiful, clean and green places, ideal for sightseeing and relaxation.
  3. A trip to a regional vineyard and scenic park

    1. Bydgoszcz - Parow Cieleszy艅ski - Topolno - Lower Vistula Valley Landscape Park - Bydgoszcz is a route of about 80 km round trip. Start your tour with the magnificent geomorphological reserve, and if you feel like tasting wines from a vineyard - stop for an overnight stay near Topolno. The next stop, the scenic park, is a regeneration for the soul and body.
  4. Something for... divers!

    1. Bydgoszcz - Piechcin Quarry - Inowroc艂aw - Bydgoszcz is a route of about 110 km round trip. The Piechcin quarry is a site created by flooding an old limestone pit - if you dive, we recommend exploring this place! Inowroc艂aw and its spa character will help to regenerate after intensive diving.
  • Bydgoszcz - characteristic buildings on the Brda River

Car rental Bydgoszcz - choose a car for yourself

Car Rental Bydgoszcz offers car rental in all segments and classes. From small city cars, family cars and SUVs, to luxury limousines, minibuses or vans. There is something for everyone here.聽

Are you looking for a nimble and undersized B-class car, such as the Suzuki Swift or Toyota Yaris? Or are you interested in the more luxurious category of C and D class vehicles, such as Toyota Corolla, Hyundai I30? Kaizen Rent - car rental Bydgoszcz is the answer to each of your needs!

All car models are new, very well equipped and come with a 24-hour assistance package. You can travel the length and breadth of Poland with them, as well as travel throughout Europe. Just remember to buy a special permit before going to countries outside the Schengen zone. Car rental Bydgoszcz allows you to rent a car in one place of Poland, and you can already return it in a completely different city!

Reservations in Bydgoszcz car rental can be made:聽

  • directly at the branch,
  • via - reservation form,聽
  • by phone - by 24-hour The customer service hotline +48 76 727 99 99,
  • by email by sending a message to [email protected].

We will provide car delivery and pick-up at the branch or at the address you indicate. The car can be rented 24h/7:聽

  • on weekdays,聽
  • on Sundays and holidays,聽
  • outside the working hours of the branch.聽

Individual additional services are automatically added when you make a reservation through the website, with a consultant or by a branch consultant employee.

Car rental Bydgoszcz - it's easier than you think!

In planning your holiday itinerary, the easiest way is to rent a car. Bydgoszcz is a great starting place and you will find really a lot of attractions here. On our website, fill out the reservation form, choosing the car model you want to rent. If you have additional questions, contact us by phone, email or through the contact form.

Reservations are completely free, and we do not block funds on your card. Cancellation is also free if you do it no later than 24 hours before your scheduled car pick-up date. Car rental Bydgoszcz is short term, medium term and also long term rental.聽

Choose your way to plan your route from Bydgoszcz and move ahead! Kaizen Rent is always here to help you!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Bydgoszcz

How do I report damage or damage to my vehicle?

If there is damage to your vehicle or you notice new damage, contact us immediately. You can do so by calling + 48 76 749 99 40 or by sending an email to: [email protected].

When reporting the damage, we will ask you to:聽

  • indicate where and when the damage occurred or was noticed
  • recount the circumstances of the incident
  • describing the extent of the damage and sending min. 3 clear photos showing the damage.聽

Can I continue driving while the check engine light is on?

Whether you can continue driving is determined by the color the check engine light illuminates. If the symbol is illuminated in red, it means that the car requires towing. So stop the car in a safe place and be sure to report the breakdown. Yellow illumination informs the driver of the abnormality. In this case, you can drive yourself to the service center. 聽

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