The Fountain of Freedom in Poznan. This modern architectural form is the only water feature in the city where you can enter and cool off on hot days

Poznań Ławica

Additional fee for a driver under 25 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
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Car Rental - Poznan Lawica Airport

The Old Brewery, Półwiejska Street and ramming goats are attractions associated with Poznań, a Warta River town whose origins date back to the 10th century. Today, the capital of Greater Poland is one of the largest economic centers of our country. It is an important center of industry, trade, logistics and business tourism. Such a thriving city could not lack an airport.

Kaizen Rent - we already have branches at all airports in the country

Poznan Lawica is one of the oldest airports in Poland, ranking seventh in terms of the number of check-ins, according to recent data. This international port is located 7 km from the center of Poznan just off the Berlin-Buk route. The place, which is a strategic junction for road, rail and has a network of numerous international connections, is also home to car rental Poznań Airport Shoal, operating under the banner of Kaizen Rent. 

Car rental at Poznań Airport - Ławica is very popular among passengers arriving in the capital of Wielkopolska. Most of them are looking for safe and comfortable transportation to reach their destination as soon as possible. To meet these expectations, we work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Meet&Greet - car rental at the point at the airport Poznan - Ławica

At Poznan airport, we provide car rental in the Meet&Greet formula, which means from English meet and greet. Here, on behalf of the company, our representative will greet you, not in the office, but directly in the arrivals area of Poznan airport. This form of service is friendlier and more focused on your needs. You no longer need to look for the outpost of our branch or the company's parking lot. You will be led directly to a pre-booked car by our driver and led sequentially through the rental procedures such as signing a contract or completing payment.

  • Townhouses in the Pozna┼ä market square
  • Historic St. Anthony Church in Poznan
  • Fountain of Mars against the background of the historic body of the Poznan City Hall

How does it look in practice - car rental airport Poznań?

Car release - the driver will deliver your car to the airport parking lot, in the spaces designated for parking over 30 minutes. Then, dressed in company clothing with a card with the Kaizen Rent logo, he will wait for you at the T2 terminal next to the airport information desk at the exit of the baggage claim area - level 0. Together with you, he will return to the car, where he will complete the release process. At this point you will still have the opportunity to purchase the Comfort Package or other additional services. After handing over the car, our driver will pay the parking ticket and hand you over ready to leave the airport. 

Return of the car - the place where the car is returned is identical to the place where it was handed over. The procedures for your convenience are also similar. Leave your car in parking lot P1 or P3 and head to the building. The driver is waiting for you inside the airport terminal in the departure hall, holding a prominent card with the Kaizen Rent logo. The return process is already taking place right at the car. Hand over the parking ticket along with the keys. Our driver will pay it, and you will be able to leave the airport without any problems. Free of charge, you can always leave your car at our Poznań branch at 1/3 Węglowa Street. 

You can rent a car at Poznań - Ławica Airport by reservation:

Each of these ways to book a car from Kaizen Rent's extensive fleet is free of charge. We do not require any documents or payment card numbers from you at this stage. These documents will be requested by the driver only during the release of the car. You can also cancel your reservation at no additional cost up to 24 hours before pick-up.

We want to keep in touch with you at Kaizen Rent airport Poznań!

Car rental will be much easier if you leave us your number when booking a car. This will make it easier for us to efficiently manage the process at every stage of the vehicle rental from booking to returning the car:

  • you will receive a link to track the driver's position when renting from M&G,
  • you will receive a text message asking you to contact us when you are ready to pick up the car,
  • our representative at the airport will call you when they can't find you,
  • in case of a long flight delay or a delay at baggage claim, the driver can contact you and reschedule the return or pick-up of the car.

Advantages of renting a car at Poznań - Ławica airport

A guarantee of new, well-equipped cars, an insurance package, a wide range of vehicles, a full tank of fuel or the possibility to retrofit a car with a car seat, navigation, router - these are just some of the many benefits of car rental at the Poznan airport in Kaizen Rent. If you find yourself in Poznan on business or perhaps "dropping in" for a longer period of time to get to know the picturesque corners of Wielkopolska and its people, remember - cars from Kaizen Rent's fleet, will always represent you with dignity on the road!

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Why our clients recommend us

  • Cars clean, efficient, friendly service. In a word, nothing to add nothing to add. I highly recommend. ­čĄŚ

    June 2022
    Agata Wawrzyniak
  • Punctual and friendly drivers, the car new, clean, refueled, smooth cooperation.

    June 2022
    Anna Kolasińska
  • Professional company good new cars recommend

    June 2022
    koks Michał (nemo)
  • Very friendly and professional service. Highly recommend

    March 2022
    Mikołaj Sworacki

Frequently asked questions about car rental at Poznan airport

What should I do if my flight is delayed and I need to return my car at the airport in Poznan?

At Kaizen Rent Poznan airport we go out of our way to meet the customer, we are flexible and prepared for such situations. Just warn us about the delay by phone or email. And don't worry. You have an extra hour to pass the car before the next rental day is charged. And the driver will be waiting for you at the appointed time.
It's also a good idea to provide your arrival number at the car booking stage, then we can track any changes in your flight schedule and notify the driver of delays.

When I book a car online or by phone, will I receive a link with tracking of the car's position?

A link to track the driver's position is generated only when the car is substituted at M&G branches. In other cases, the car will be waiting in the parking lot of the branch or at the address indicated in the reservation.

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