Poznan - the fountain of liberty


Additional fee for a driver under 25 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Read when you travel outside of PolandWhen planning your car trip outside of Poland, be sure to purchase a travel abroad permit and read the list of 18 countries with a permit: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Car rental - Poznan

Unlimited mobility, complete freedom and absolute independence. You go where you want to go. You embark on a journey whenever you want. Everything quickly, efficiently, comfortably. The only problem may arise if you do not have your own car, or the car has just decided to suspend cooperation with you. Relax! Its place can be taken by cars that are offered by car rental - Poznan. With Kaizen Rent, however, you do not have to limit yourself to the city limits - we give you much more opportunities.

Car rental Poznan - proven and beautiful routes to explore

Poznan is one of those cities in Poland that captivate with its atmosphere, buildings, attractions and make its sightseeing a real pleasure, no matter how many times you come back here! Old tenement houses, neat city buildings, plenty of greenery at every turn and delicious food - do you need to add more?

Car rental Poznan gives you the opportunity to visit not only the city attractions of Poznan. A comfortable and reliable car will help you plan excellent routes also outside the city. 

  1. Poznan "must see" from the inside:

    1. Citadel Park, St. Adalbert's Hill, Imperial Quarter, 
    2. Old Market Square, Royal Castle, Rogal Museum,
    3. Stary Browar Gallery, St. Martin Street, National Museum.
  2. Greater Poland National Park

    1. Poznan - Puszczykowo - Wielkopolski National Park - Poznan is a short route of about 40 km in both directions. In the small town of Puszczykowo you will visit the Museum - Literary Workshop of Arkady Fiedler, an outstanding Polish writer and traveler. Reserve some time to walk the green trails in the Wielkopolska National Park, as there is plenty to explore!
  3. For lovers of leisurely strolls and water frenzy

    1. Poznan - Morasko Meteorite Reserve - New Zoo - Water Paradise Swimming Pool - Poznan is a route of about 50 km in both directions. In one day you will visit the Morasko Nature Reserve with meteorite impact craters, and then take a pleasant walk to the New Zoo. Such a day is worth ending with water relaxation at the Water Paradise Swimming Pool, which is located in Swarzedz.
  4. Archaeological Reserve in Biskupin

    1. Poznan - Biskupin - Poznan - is a route of about 200 km in both directions. Biskupin is well-known in Poland and abroad due to the fact that it hides one of the largest archaeological reserves in Europe. The archaeological open-air museum in Biskupin can be visited as part of any trip leading along the Piast Trail If you plan an overnight trip, you can also visit the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Venice... which is barely 3 km away.

Kaizen Rent - car rental Poznań allows you to visit all these routes (and more) in comfort and on your terms!

  • Poznan - the fountain of liberty
  • Poznan - market
  • Poznan - market square - colorful townhouses
  • St. Anthony of Padua Church and Convent of the Conventual Franciscans in Poznan

Car rental Poznan - choose a car for yourself

Do you need a small car for a day or two? Do you need a larger car, which will allow you to efficiently traverse the streets of Poznan? Or maybe you are planning a slightly longer trip and above all you value your independence on the road? Whether you want to rent a compact car or a family car for a trip, car rental in Poznan will certainly do the job. 

Kaizen Rent - Car Rental Poznan offers an extensive fleet of vehicles that meet different requirements at the levels of B, C, D class cars, as well as SUVs and small cargo cars. Economical and comfortable class B cars include Suzuki Swift and Toyota Yaris, for example. Comfortable, family city cars include the Mazda 6 or Kia Ceed, and packable and agile cargo vans include the Mercedes Vito and Toyota Proace, for example. You choose your preferred type of vehicle, class, type of transmission or number of seats in the car. 

In addition, you specify the place where you want to pick up the car and indicate a second location if you plan to return it in another city. We will take care of the rest ourselves! Car Rental Poznan Kaizen Rent will give you a clean and refueled car, and you can travel without worrying about exceeding the mileage limit. You pick up and set off on your dream route! 

Car rentals in Poznan ÔÇô rental tailored to your needs

Coming to Poznan on business for a day? Do you run your own company and need reliable cars for your employees? Or maybe you are dreaming of visiting local attractions during the upcoming weekend? Whether you want to rent a car for a day, for a month or for a year, car rental in Poznan will offer a good deal tailored to your expectations. 

Kaizen Rent - Car Rental Poznan offers new, comfortably equipped cars, with full assistance 24h care. You can move them all over Poland and in the EU and Schengen countries. If you want to enter countries outside Poland, you need to purchase the appropriate permits in advance. Car rental from 1 to 30 days has no kilometer limit.

Car rental - Poznan and Kaizen Rent's offer guarantees you quick and hassle-free handling of all formalities. Even if you would like to pick up the car in a place where Kaizen Rent does not have a branch, we will try to rise to the occasion and deliver the car to you where you need it. Give us any address you want and let's meet right there for car drop-off or pick-up.

Car rental - Poznan (and not only) in premium version

What's important - you can make a reservation for your dream car free of charge via the Internet or hotline, and even if you cancel up to 24 hours before the scheduled rental date, you will incur absolutely no costs. For slightly more comfortable drivers who expect comprehensive care and absolute convenience, we have also prepared special Premium packages that guarantee even more comfort. Choosing a slightly richer version of rental, which is offered by Car Rental Poznań, you save, firstly, your time - you are relieved, for example, from the obligation to refuel or wash the vehicle, and what's more - you can boldly set off with it outside Polish borders. 

You will see that in planning a vacation, the easiest step is to rent a car. Poznan is a city with a rich cultural and entertainment offer, where you can find attractions for yourself. Parking a car here is fairly convenient, as parking spaces are marked, and you can find maps of their location on the city's ZDM website. You can make payments for one-time parking in the parking zone at a parking meter or via a mobile app. 

Apps for paying for parking in Poznan are:

  • MoBiLET,
  • mPay,
  • Pango,
  • skyCash.

Kaizen Rent, a car rental company in Poznan, has cars that will help you get to your destination, wherever you set it.

Car rental Poznan - you will do it quickly and comfortably

Car Rental Poznan under the banner of Kaizen Rent has two convenient locations where you can rent a car in person. The first one is located at 1/3 Węglowa Street, 60-122 Poznań and is about 500 m from the Górczyn railroad station and the bus depot of the same name. The car rental office is located in the Silvapol office building, and our parking lot borders directly on the office building.

You can also perform car rental Poznan at the airport, where we have our Meet and Greet point. Car rental Poznan Lawica Airport, is located at 285 Bukowska Street (airport), 60-189 Poznan. In advance, we will send you a message on how you can follow the driver's route, so that you can comfortably meet him at the agreed time, in the parking lot in front of the airport. Near this place, barely a kilometer away, there is a Moxy Poznan Airport hotel, with comfortable accommodation and meals. 

Rental of cars and vans

Choose the car you are interested in: Passenger, commercial, manual or automatic. A wide selection of models in classes:
B, C, D, SUV, R, M, N

Why our clients recommend us

  • Kaizen Rent is a reliable contractor that pays on time. We recommend B2B cooperation with this company

    Paweł Ardziński (Localscreens)
  • Punctual and friendly drivers, the car new, clean, refueled, smooth cooperation.

    Anna Kolasińska
  • Cars well-maintained, clean, refueled, in case of doubt fast technical support, car replacement, hotline courteous employees l very helpful. Technical department full professionalism. Drivers delivering the vehicle , young in age, but the culture at a high level, they explain everything thoroughly, answer all questions. I recommend the company on the basis of my own experience.

    Krzysztof Wanga
  • Everything was handled professionally and without problems. The car clean, the driver very nice. Contact with the hotline without any problem. I recommend :)

    Daniel Kliszcz
  • Car clean and well maintained, delivered on time and collected at agreed time too. No problems at all.

    January 2023
    Mateusz Mazurczak
  • Yes, I would definitely recommend. Car very clean, smelled good. Contact is exemplary, drivers delivering and collecting the car smiling and positive. I would like to thank the man who brought the car to me and the lady who collected it. The ladies who called also deserve praise:)

    4 February 2023
    Sebastian R
  • The rental went smoothly, the arrangements were express. I warmly recommend

    2 luty 2023
    Paweł Kozłowski
  • I received a car from the rental company with the liability of the perpetrator.The car was very clean and smelled great, I had the impression that it just came out of the salon:)The car arrived on time, very good communication with the driver delivering the vehicle.Also very good and trouble-free contact between the insurance company and the rental company.Everything at a high level!!!

    January 2024
    mila mi

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Poznan

Can I rent a specific car model?

When you book a car at Kaizen Rent Poznan car rental, you specify the market segment of the vehicle you want to rent. It is the class of the vehicle that determines the rental price. You can see the car models and brands that make up the fleet of the Poznań rental company on our website. If you are interested in a particular car model, you can always ask about it, and we will do our best to meet your expectations. 

What is the minimum rental period in Poznan?

At Kaizen Rent we rent cars for days, months and years. The minimum rental period for a vehicle is 1 day, or 24 hours.

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