Lublin - historic old town


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Lublin - Airport (M&G)
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    I warmly offer Ms Milena, who helps and supports with a lot of empathy. ;)

    January 2024
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Lublin is a city that wraps itself in history. It's impossible not to stop here for a moment to reminisce about the glory days under Kazimierz the Great, to reflect on the fate of Poles and Jews in Majdanek and the Lublin ghetto. It's a good place to take a breather on a business trip or a change of pace on a vacation adventure trip. Kaizen Rent - car rental Lublin will make sure that you make a quick and hassle-free reservation and set off on your planned route.

Car rental Lublin - where to go and what to see

However, Lublin is a city of contrasts. You can also have fun here - while respecting history. This is best evidenced by the world-famous Carnival of the Arts festival. This is the flagship event in the city on the Bystrzyca River, which attracts the very colorful and sometimes mysterious characters. Circus performers, clowns, jugglers, jugglers and fire swallowers roam the streets of Lublin in colorful processions.聽

Maybe it is worthwhile to venture into the undiscovered areas of Lublin during this year's travels? With Lublin Kaizen Rent car rental you will find out that the region is not so flat after all, especially its western part. Numerous hills, ravines and valleys will allow you to discover SUV rental Lublin. Comfortable, large and air-conditioned cars of this segment will take you to the picturesque Zemborzycki Reservoir, for a moment of relaxation by the water. And when you want to visit the numerous castles and palaces of the Czartoryski, Lubomirski or Zamoyski families in Kozlowka, switch to the D, D+ class. Thanks to car rental Lublin, this is within reach of your smartphone.

Are you planning a weekend in and around Lublin, or maybe rather exploring the whole, wonderful Lublin region? Here are our suggestions:

  1. Urban Lublin

    1. Old Town, Old Town Square, Krakow Gate,
    2. Po Farze Square, Basilica of the Dominican Fathers, Cellars under Fortuna,
    3. National Museum, Museum of the Lublin Village, State Museum at Majdanek,
    4. Lublin Underground Route, Stone of Misfortune,
    5. Saski Garden, Meeting of Cultures Center, Pearl Brewery.
  2. Museum in Koz艂贸wka and Spa Park in Na艂臋cz贸w Zdr贸j

    1. Lublin - Kozlowka - Naleczow Zdroj - Lublin is a route of about 100 km in both directions. The Zamoyski Museum in Kozlowka is a gem of palace interiors in Poland, while Naleczow Zdroj is a place to relax and unwind in the green Spa Park and Mineral Water Pump Room.
  3. A trip to Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River

    1. Lublin - Kazimierz Dolny - Korzeniowy D贸艂 Gorge - Labyrinth and Miniature Park - Lublin is a route of about 130 km round trip. It begins with a tour of historic Kazimierz Dolny and continues to Korzeniowy Do艂, a magnificent loess ravine. For dessert, it remains to get lost (literally!) in the green maze in R膮blow贸w!
  4. A trip to Pulawy and a cruise on the Vistula River in Janowiec

    1. Lublin - Pulawy - Janowiec - Lublin is a route of about 140 km round trip. Pulawy is the city to visit in the footsteps of the Czartoryski family. We suggest breaking this trip into two days, with an overnight stay in Janowiec, in order to see both cities in a leisurely way, plus traverse the Vistula River on a ship.
  • Lublin - historic old town

Car rental Lublin - minimum formalities and you're on your way

Lublin - car rental means minimum formalities right from the start. Find the car model you are interested in and book it:

Our consultants will help you adjust the car, package and amenities to your individual needs. For an appropriate surcharge, you can pass on to us the refueling of the car or its cleaning. You can also go abroad with the Premium Package. From the southeastern edge of our country, for example, the capitals of Slovakia or Hungary are within reach of four wheels.

Rental of vans and cars is also provided by our stationary branch in Lublin. You don't have to look far for us. Our car rental Lublin is located in the very center, right next to the old town at 10 Wilhelm Orlik-R眉ckemana St. You will also realize fast and hassle-free car rental at our Meet&Greet point at 1 Jana III Sobieskiego St. at Lublin 艢widnik Airport.

Lublin car rental - choose your car model

Both locations of Kaizen Rent car rental in Lublin offer a wide selection of models along with rich and varied equipment. You will find nimble and compact B-class cars, such as Nissan Micra, Hyundai I20, as well as luxury cars of higher C and D class, such as Toyota Avensis, Kia Ceed.

Kaizen Rent - Car Rental Lublin is a great option if you are looking for a car for yourself or need to rent several cars for your employees who travel hundreds of kilometers every day. You can find more details with us on site or by calling our number directly. You can also ask questions through the contact form.

Car rental Lublin - book where you want, and when you want. It doesn't cost you anything. And if you change your plans, postpone your trip or a client cancels an appointment, cancel your reservation easily by calling or emailing us. Remember, the condition is to make the cancellation 24 hours before the pickup. 聽聽

Kaizen Rent with us on the way!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Lublin

Does the car have to be returned with a full tank of fuel?

Yes. When you rent a car at Kaizen Rent, you get a clean vehicle with a full tank of fuel and return it in the same condition. You can be relieved of this obligation by purchasing the "Final Refueling" package. Then you don't have to worry about the fuel level when inflicting the car.聽

What documents are needed in a collision from the third-party liability of the perpetrator?

The registration number of the perpetrator's vehicle and his policy number are essential documents in the case of a collision with the third-party liability of the perpetrator. In addition, we will need the driver's license and a statement of sobriety if the incident occurred while the car was in motion.

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