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Additional fee for a driver under 25 years of age is 20 z艂 per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 20 z艂 per rental day

Car rental - Radom

When you go to Radom, whether on a business trip or as a tourist, a car can prove to be a very useful and sometimes even necessary means of transportation. This is an interesting city, with strong themes of freedom. It was here in Radom that the Nihil novi (Latin for "nothing new") constitution was passed in 1505, which decided the balance of power between the king, nobles and senators.

Fascinating monuments, an unusual climate - post-industrial with a taste of multiculturalism - and international events such as the Radom Air Show, the Gombrowicz Festival and the Radom Jazz Festival attract many visitors to Radom every year.

Radom car rental is the first step in planning the most wonderful tours in the area!

Explore the city and surrounding areas on your own terms! Traveling and exploring new places is fun and easy when you can move around freely and do it at a time of your choosing. If you don't have your own four wheels, but you're keen on actively exploring the area, then car rental Radom will be a hit! For starters, check out what you can visit.

  1. What to see in Radom itself?

    1. A pedestrian promenade, 19th century townhouses, fountains, a big-city palace,
    2. Jacek Malczewski Museum, Radom Village Museum, Trzebinski Printing House, Orthodox Church,
    3. Power Plant, Cathedral, Cathedral Museum, Bernardine Monastery,
    4. 14 sculpture-symbols of industrial Radom, Kosciuszko Park, Ester's House, G膮ski House.
  2. Tour of the Green Reserve聽

    1. Radom - Bratny K膮t - Za艂amanek Cross - Kozienice Landscape Park - Royal Spring "Spring of Love". - Royal Spring - Radom is a route for about 75 km round trip. During this trip you will visit a beautiful Nature Reserve, stopping along the way at local shrines that give color to the whole region.
  3. Trip to the ruins of the castle and the porcelain factory in 膯miel贸w

    1. Radom - Live Porcelain Museum in 膯miel贸w - Ruins of Krzy偶top贸r Castle in Ujazd - Radom is a route of about 210 km round trip. We recommend this tour not only to porcelain lovers, but also to fans of Polish design. Visiting the castle ruins is a beautiful culmination of a day full of excitement.
  4. Attractions not only for the youngest!

    1. Radom - Piekielko Rocks Reserve - Soltykowskie Gagaty - JuraPark Ba艂t贸w - Radom is a route of about 200 km round trip. You will walk among beautiful rock formations, take a breather in the green Nature Reserve, and finally visit the JuraPark with dinosaur miniatures.
  • Radom - picturesque old town and streets

Car rental Radom - we are closer than you think

Car Rental Radom, Kaizen Rent - invites all those interested in renting a car to come to each other at 27 Sycy艅ska Street, 26-600 Radom. Car Rental Radom, is located in the south of the city, not far from Godowsky Pond - a real paradise for anglers.

In all Kaizen Rent car rentals, including Radom car rental, reservation is free of charge. In case of necessity, cancellation is also done at no extra charge (the condition is cancellation 24 hours before pick-up). We want your trip to be comfortable, that's why Radom car rental will give you a car ready for your trip: clean, fully fueled and with no restrictions on the mileage limit.

Car rental, van rental or minibus rental in Radom is possible both:

  • directly in our branch,
  • through the website,
  • by phone at +48 76 727 99 99 (24h/7).聽

Depending on customer preference, pick-up and return of the car can take place in any location within the city of Radom. This is an option for an additional fee of PLN 50. In the case of reaching a customer outside the city limits, there is also an additional charge for the so-called kilometer allowance, i.e. the number of kilometers our driver has to cover one way (rate PLN 1/ km).

Car rental Radom - wide range of models, minimum formalities

Whether you need to rent a car for a day, a week or six months, car rental Radom is a place that has a wide range of vehicles for comfortable rental. We offer nimble and comfortable B-class cars, such as the Toyota Yaris and Hyundai I20, as well as more prestigious D-class cars, such as the Mazda 6 and Toyota Corolla.聽

Car rental Radom also includes small cargo cars (Toyota Proace, Renault Express) and comfortable SUVs, i.e. Ford Kuga, Hyundai Tucson.

Medium-term rental for companies (from 1 month to 12 months) is a flexible program that we will design based on your guidelines. Contact us by phone or through the contact form to learn more about the possibilities and conditions that Radom car rental gives you.

Radom car rental guarantees a wide range of services

Car rental Radom is a tailor-made offer, as you decide what you need, and we deliver it. Would you like to rent a car at our location at 27 Sycy艅ska Street, but return it to a completely different place in Poland? No problem - we will arrange it especially for you.聽

Our vehicles are modern, constantly inspected technically, mechanically and visually. You can travel with them all over Poland and beyond its borders. Car rental Radom is an offer for both individual customers and companies. For more details, we invite you to contact us on our hotline or ask questions through the contact form.

Kaizen Rent - we wish you a safe journey.

Rental of cars and vans

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Why our clients recommend us

  • Professional Consultants, Drivers and the vehicle made available OK.
    I recommend

    June 2022
    Zbigniew Krakowiak
  • Contact at any time of the day or night without problems
    friendly staff with a positive attitude to the customer and his problems
    car clean efficient delivered and received in accordance with the contract
    The notification system of informing the customer is convenient and clear even for a busy person.
    Generally efficient, comfortable with a sense of security, maybe a little expensive, although I do not know other prices.
    I am very satisfied

    8 February 2022
  • Everything is in order,always on time. I recommend the rental company.

    8 February 2022
    Pawe Kazimierz
  • I recommend
    This was the first time I used a car rental company. I received a replacement car as a result of damage caused by the perpetrator. Kaizen Rent's service is top-notch, each person I spoke with showed tremendous knowledge, commitment and willingness to help.
    I received the car clean, with full instructions for use as well as at the appointed time, also the pickup went smoothly.
    I would recommend to anyone - at first I was a bit apprehensive about renting a stranger's car, but completely unfounded.

    8 February 2022
  • Bardzo polecam firm臋, jestem zadowolon膮 klientk膮

    11 marzec 2023
    Milena Miku艂a
  • Polecam, sprawna dostawa punktualnie,

    9 marca 2023
    Grzegorz Miernik
  • Otrzyma艂em pojazd zast臋pczy. Wydanie/zdanie pojazdu bez jakichkolwiek problem贸w. Pojazd dostarczony i odebrany pod wskazanym. Polecam.

    listopad 2022
    Grzegorz Puszcza

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Radom

Can I return a car in Radom rented at another location?

At Kaizen Rent, you can return a car at a different branch - than you rented it. For example, you can return a rented car in Warsaw at Car Rental Radom. 聽Customers can also rent or return a car rented in Radom, at any location, even outside the branch. All they need to do is to arrange the pickup or return location in advance and pay the cost of the additional service.聽

What to do if the car runs out of oil?

Car rental Radom, always check the technical condition and cleanliness of the vehicle before releasing it. Our cars are new, however, it may happen that, despite all this, the lack of oil light will come on for you. This is nothing terrible and you do not need to interrupt your trip. Just refill it at the nearest gas station. Choose 5w30 universal oil for this purpose. However, if the malfunction is more serious, and you notice a fluid leak, be sure to call the Kaizen Rent 24h/7 technical department at +48 76 749 99 40. We will provide you with 24-hour assistance or provide a replacement car free of charge.

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