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Warszawa Modlin

Additional fee for a driver under 25 years of age is 20 z艂 per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 20 z艂 per rental day
Read when you travel outside of PolandWhen planning your car trip outside of Poland, be sure to purchase a travel abroad permit and read the list of 18 countries with a permit: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Car rental - Warsaw Modlin airport

If you are a frequent visitor to the countries of the old continent you are probably familiar with Warsaw-Modlin Airport. It is here that short- and medium-haul flights of low-cost airlines are directed, aimed at unloading and smoothing the flow of passengers at the capital's flagship airport Warsaw Okecie. Located in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, the aeroport specializes in domestic flights and also accepts charter flights. Nearly 1.5 million people passed through the port last year. Thus, Warsaw Modlin closes the top five airports with the highest number of checked-in passengers in Poland.

The distance of Warsaw Modlin Airport from the center of the capital, at 35 kilometers, could pose a logistical problem for continuing passengers, were it not for the growing popularity of car rentals. Passengers often choose this option, switching from a plane to four wheels to reach their designated destination in comfort and on their own terms.

The location of the new airport, however, may be a considerable advantage. Its location at the confluence of the Vistula and Narew rivers makes it an attractive tourist destination with well-developed accommodation and catering facilities. Business travelers will breathe easy in the four-star Mazovia and Hotel Royal Modlin hotels, while sometimes difficult business negotiations will go better during a game at the nearby golf course. Those who come to Mazovia in search of entertainment will also find it close to the airport. Visiting the Modlin Fortress, relaxing on one of the Vistula beaches, taking a walk in the treetops or "hunting" with your camera for a Kampinos moose - with car rental Warsaw Modlin airport you can easily reach any of these attractions.

Kaizen Rent car rental - we are close to you

Speed, convenience, safety, minimum paperwork and choice are for many synonyms of a well-organized trip. These are also the guidelines we follow at Kaizen Rent. That's why we are, where you are. Need a car to the airport? No problem. We provide Warsaw Modlin airport car rental in the Meet&Greet formula. This form of service minimizes the formalities and shortens the rental procedures.

And the online reservation system and the hotline, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provides you with a car booking at any time and place in the world.

Meet&Greet - car rental at Warsaw Modlin airport

Car rental Warsaw Modlin airport has never been so easy. At the appointed time, our driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall of the airport. You will recognize him by the Kaizen Rent logo, which will be visible on a piece of paper or displayed on a tablet. Together you will go to the parking lot to the car of your choice, and there the transfer of the necessary documents and keys will take place.

The return procedure is similar if you are commuting from the city to the airport with your rented car.

  • Leave your car at the Departures parking lot.
  • Meet our driver at the main entrance to the Departures hall. 聽
  • Hand over your keys, documents and parking ticket if you had to collect one.
  • The driver will pay for the parking and return the car to the company. 聽

You can always hand over your rented car free of charge at the stationary branch of Kaizen Rent at Post臋pu 2 Street in Warsaw. We are waiting for you from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday, on Saturdays from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

  • Royal 艁azienki in Warsaw, Summer Residence of King Stanislaw Augustus
  • Warsaw at night. In the foreground the Palace of Culture and Science
  • Night panorama of Warsaw. View of the Castle Square and the Sigismund's Column.

Car rental Warsaw Modlin - for whom?

Rental Warsaw Modlin, operating under the banner of Kaizen Rent, offers car rentals for days and months. Whether you need a car on a one-time basis for a short trip out of town, or you need to fuel your company's fleet for a longer period of time, you'll find the perfect fit at Kaizen Rent. Car rental Warsaw Modlin Airport is a quick way to become mobile and independent again, such as after a breakdown of your own car or using third-party liability rental.

In Kaizen Rent's assortment, you will find cars from every segment

We have very popular and agile city cars, you will also find combi versions when, for example, you have more luggage. Suvs and crossovers are also very popular among customers - they perform well in the city and on long trips, and are not afraid of surfaces other than smooth asphalt. The fleet of our rental company is also supplied with premium class cars, for more demanding customers, because who among us does not sometimes feel like a bit of luxury. However, if you are looking for a "professional" you will get in car rental Warsaw Modlin and such. You can choose from buses or smaller and larger vans.
When looking for the perfect one for you, you can adjust a few more parameters than just the class and type of car. You decide what transmission you prefer, how many passengers or how many suitcases the car should hold. For our part, we guarantee new and well-equipped cars, with a full insurance package, so you can confidently set off with it on the road.

If you would like to pick up the car at the airport Warsaw Modlin, and return it in another city - there will also be no problem. A quick trip abroad within the European Union - with us, it is possible. Thanks to the extensive fleet offered by car rental Warsaw Modlin airport and flexible packages and individual add-ons, we are able to prepare an offer that will be tailored to your needs.

Rental of cars and vans

Choose the car you are interested in: Passenger, commercial, manual or automatic. A wide selection of models in classes:
B, C, D, SUV, R, M, N

Why our clients recommend us

  • As for me super cooperation long term rental convenient places for servicing and nice contact with employees

    19 July 2022
    Mariusz XL
  • I used a rental car with third-party liability. All the paperwork went quickly and pleasantly - the car was clean, efficient and new.

    13 July 2022
    Kamil Wr贸bel
  • I am satisfied, cheap, fast and friendly service, clean neat cars.

    13 July 2022
    Ernest 殴ru
  • Car substituted and picked up from under the house. Contact ok. I recommend this company.

    6 July 2022
    Andrzej Wierzbicki

Frequently asked questions about car rental at Warsaw Modlin airport

Where at Warsaw Modlin airport will the car be waiting? And will there be someone from the rental company?

Our driver will be waiting in the arrivals terminal with a card bearing the Kaizen Rent logo. He will be the one to lead you to the car, which will be waiting in the airport parking lot. At the car, all formalities will be completed and the transfer of the car will take place.
Follow the same procedure when returning the car. Leave the vehicle in the Departures parking lot, then meet our driver at the main entrance to the Departures hall. He will take care of the rest of the formalities.

Do I need to provide a phone number when booking online?

Providing your phone number when booking a car at Modlin airport, will make the process of finding you by Our representative easier. Right after your plane lands, our representative will send a text message asking you to contact us. Call back when you are ready to pick up your car.
You will also receive a link to track your driver's position when you hire M&G.
Also, if your flight is delayed, the phone number facilitates contact between you and the waiting driver at the airport.

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