Gi┼╝ycko - a charming place among the Masurian lakes


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    12 czerwca 2023
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  • Bezproblemowy wynajem na lotnisku Szybka i mila obsluga. Samochod wiekszy, niz oczekiwany i nowy, bez szkod.Obs┼éuga fachowa Jestem bardzo zadowolony. Polecamy firma kompetentna.

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    Stephane Chignard

A city in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship that is considered the Polish capital of sailing? It can only be Gi┼╝ycko! Located on the border of Lake Kisajno and Lake Niegocin, it offers many attractions for young and old, and we're not just talking about water sports. Gizycko and its surroundings offer the opportunity to see many historical sites and enjoy attractions. Gizycko also hosts numerous festivals and cultural events during the summer. Among the best known are: Szanty Sailing and Sea Song Festival, Mazury Hip Hop Festival or Gizycko Organ Concerts.

Gizycko car rental - explore on your own terms!

You can visit Mazury and Gizycko by water and by land. If you are focused on comfort and mobility, your own car will be an ideal solution. Gizycko car rental will provide you with this comfort on your own terms - you always go where you want and when you want. You are limited only by your own imagination, because with Kaizen Rent you have a full tank, no mileage limit, and even the option to go abroad (extra charge). Check out what to visit in and around Gizycko!

  1. Gizycko city

    1. Water tower, Revolving bridge, Teutonic castle,
    2. Regelski Bakery, Hospital, Evangelical Church,
    3. Boyen Fortress, Armourer's Workshop, 19th century townhouses,
    4. Gizycko beach, Fairy Tale Lunapark, Pier on the Niegocin River,
    5. Footbridge over the Luczanski Canal, boat cruises, Ekomarina Port.
  2. Rich in attractions route to the Nature Reserve

    1. Gizycko - Indian Museum in Spytkow - Blasted railroad bridge Kruklanki - Devil's Boulder near Diableja Gora - Wolisko bison homestead - Wolisko Lake - Bachanowo Boulder Range Nature Reserve - is a route of about 200 km round trip. On the way to the Nature Reserve in Bachanowo, a lot of attractions await you!
  3. Mazurian atmosphere and the wild west in Mrongoville!

    1. Gi┼╝ycko - Ryn Castle Hotel - Pojezierski Forest - Masurian Museum in Owczarnia - Mrongoville in Mragowo is a route of about 120 km round trip. You will enjoy the climate of Masuria and visit attractions that will be fun for young and old.
  4. Masuria with children is not boring!

    1. Gizycko - zoo Safari Resort Roundabout - Animal Breeding Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences - Fun Park Mragowo - Gizycko is a route of about 130 km round trip. Guaranteed good fun for children of all ages!

Kaizen Rent Gizycko - car rental will help you to visit all routes during a longer vacation or a short city break.

  • Gi┼╝ycko - a charming place among the Masurian lakes

Car rental Gizycko - always ready for action!

Gizycko Car Rental operates under the Meet&Greet formula (Suspended until 31 May 2024). Car rental is usually carried out after prior reservation via or hotline +48 76 727 99 99 (24h/7). Pickup and return is possible on days off and outside the branch office hours. We arrive in Gizycko at a specified address in the city or the surrounding area. These are extra charge options. 

In all Kaizen Rent car rentals, including the one located in Gizycko, reservation is free of charge. In case of need or emergency, the reservation can be canceled free of charge - up to 24 hours before pick-up. 

Car rental Gizycko will prepare the car for you so that it is ready for the trip: clean and fully fueled. You get our cars on a daily rental, that is, up to 30 days, with no restrictions on the mileage limit. 

Gizycko car rental - simple formalities and comfortable cars

Gizycko Kaizen Rent car rental is a simple and hassle-free way to rent a car without mileage limit. You will find a clearly presented form that you can fill out yourself on our website or with the help of our hotline employee. 

What we can guarantee is a wide selection of reliable vehicle models from all classes available on the market. The B-class comfort is provided by the Toyota Yaris and Kia Rio, while the C-class in automatic is the Kia Ceed, for example, and the C+ class in automatic and hybrid is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid Wagon. The premium SUV class in hybrid, on the other hand, is the Lexus NX Hybrid, and a packed VAN in manual is the Toyota Proace City Long.

Gizycko car rental, Kaizen Rent also offers the convenience of picking up and returning the car at any location in Gizycko or in a completely different city.

Gizycko car rental - rent for short or long term

Do you need a car for a vacation or a short vacation? Or maybe your employees travel hundreds of kilometers across the country every day, and you are just looking for a reliable fleet for special tasks? Gizycko car rentals are the answer to each of these needs. The longer the rental period, the more favorable price you can get. We will tailor the offer to your needs to make sure everything is taken care of to the last button.

Gizycko car rental is a quality service because we care about our customers. Contact us for more details and book your car free of charge. You also have cancellation for free, as long as you cancel the reservation min. 24 h before picking up the car. 

Have a safe trip and see you in Gizycko!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Gizycko

After what time is the deposit unlocked?

The deposit on the card is blocked and unblocked by the bank issuing the card. The time to unlock the card depends on the internal procedures of the bank, most often it is a few days, but it can also be longer, such as 14 days.  The time limit for releasing the funds on the card is independent of Kaizen Rent Gizycko car rental company.

What can I do if, after picking up the car, I saw damage not noted by the driver?

First, immediately contact our hotline and report the problem. Then make a photographic documentation of the damage not noted by the driver, and send the photos with a brief description of the situation to [email protected]. By reporting, you will not be held responsible for the indicated damage and will not be charged for the repair. If you can't take clear photos because it's dark or raining, you can postpone it until the next day, after contacting the hotline first.

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