Long-term car rental

Additional fee for a driver under 23 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Additional fee for a driver over 70 years of age is 29,99 zł per rental day
Read when you travel outside of PolandWhen planning your car trip outside of Poland, be sure to purchase a travel abroad permit and read the list of 18 countries with a permit: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden.

Long-term car rental

Mobility is the cornerstone of a smoothly running business. If you want your business to never slow down on the road to success, find out more about the advantages of long-term rental from Kaizen Rent.

Long-term rental is a solution that provides cost predictability and freedom of action. A 12- to 24-month contract allows you to optimise your budget and adapt it to changing market conditions. Without committing significant resources, you gain access to modern vehicles, which streamlines your business. Long-term rental does not require you to commit capital or apply for credit, making it an ideal option for companies at any stage of development.  

Flexible car rental

As a young and dynamic company, we want to rent cars better than others. That is why we keep a close eye on market realities and listen to the needs of our customers. To then present you with tailor-made solutions for your business. Long-term car rental, by optimising your fleet expenditure, enables you to grow your business, as well as to carry out ongoing projects. 

We understand that you are looking for optimal solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and help you to make the best choices for your company and your employees. That's why we offer a flexible and efficient long-term vehicle rental service that meets your high expectations.

Opt for a future-proof approach to running your business, and you'll be guaranteed growth, security and savings for your company. Pay less while getting the most out of your mobility from Kaizen Rent! 

Find out about our tailor-made offer - fill in the form, and we'll get back to you.

Why our clients recommend us

  • Professionalism, top quality and hassle-free, with a comfortable new fleet. What more could you want?

  • Very professional, great contact, flexibility to arrange pick up location, excellent car with low mileage.

  • Ease of vehicle selection, options, payment - the entire booking process, preparation of an offer that reduces the deposit and liability at a reasonable price - thus simplifying the process of collecting and returning the car.


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Get your business up to speed with us - discover long-term car rental!

Long-term car rental - modern business support

Expansion of the company, new projects, or perhaps a temporary shortage in the in-house fleet or an emergency? Many companies encounter difficulties in getting the right vehicles for their business. This is when long-term rental can become the key to success!

Instead of committing capital to purchasing or leasing vehicles, more and more companies are opting for long-term rental. This versatile solution works well both as an addition to an existing fleet and to create a fleet of company vehicles from scratch. Long-term rental minimises financial risk while providing flexibility and the ability to scale the fleet as the company grows.

Why is long-term rental a viable form of fleet financing? 

  • Zero start-up costs - we do not require you to make an initial deposit,
  • One invoice - easy billing for all services,
  • Cars available ‘off-the-shelf’ - wide choice of models and classes,
  • Dedicated caretaker - professional service throughout the rental period,
  • Fixed instalment - monthly rental costs do not change during the contract,
  • Technical care - servicing, repairs and tyres included in the rental price,
  • Replacement car - we provide a replacement car in case of breakdown or collision,
  • Insurance package - in the price of the service you receive a package of AC, OC and NNW insurance,
  • Favourable conditions - possibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours before pick-up,
  • 24/7 customer service - dedicated helpline and full assistance service.

Cars - long-term rental will complement your fleet

In an age of constant change and uncertainty in the market, flexibility is becoming key to running your business. At Kaizen Rent, we understand the dynamics of modern business, which is why we offer flexible car rental that gives you easy and quick access to the latest models without being tied down by long-term contracts or costly loans. Long-term rental opens up access to often the latest car models that you couldn't afford to buy. Kaizen Rent vehicles are available ‘off-the-shelf’, eliminating the need to wait a long time to order. During your rental agreement, you have the option to change to a different model of car if your needs change.

Our rental fleet, currently the second largest in the RaC industry, consists of more than 5,500 vehicles and is still growing. The cars are new and well-equipped, with 24-hour assistance. We focus on tried-and-tested brands and popular models that our customers are most often looking for. We are expanding Kaizen's fleet to include all segments, including cargo vehicles and premium luxury models, which gives us unlimited possibilities for completing our company fleet.

So if you are wondering what will work better for your company - consider a long-term rental, which guarantees you much more in a package! Why do customers choose us?

  • Fixed costs: a fixed instalment including insurance, servicing and a full support package - no surprises in costs;
  • High standard: the 5500+ fleet offers fully equipped new models for comfort and safety;
  • Quality service: professional service throughout the rental period will be provided by a dedicated caretaker and a 24/7 helpline;
  • Flexibility: easy to scale the company fleet according to the current needs of the company and dynamic market changes!

Looking for a flexible and efficient solution for team mobility? Car rental from Kaizen Rent sounds like the perfect solution! We deliver vehicles quickly and with care to meet customer expectations.

Long-term car rental - the key to your company's success

The key to success in today's challenging times is flexibility and responsiveness to change. In circumstances of galloping inflation, rising fuel prices, volatile market conditions, aggressive competition or rising costs, it is rental, especially long-term rental, that responds to a need that is here and now. Car rental from Kaizen Rent is a service that, by design, gives you stability: it optimises fleet management costs and increases fleet efficiency. 

For our customers, the flexibility of the offer, a sense of comfort and security and a partnership approach to business have become key factors when choosing car financing solutions. You will find that an offer formulated in this way gives you a sense of stability in running your business. 

An additional benefit of using Kaizen Rent, which our contractors value in addition to the quality of service, is the simple contracting process and simplified customer verification procedures. As a result, Kaizen Rent's flexible rental terms avoid a high and risky commitment of funds.

We can confidently boast that the satisfaction of our customers translates into the growing prestige of the company. This is evidenced by numerous industry awards such as four statuettes of the Fleet Derby plebiscite or the Golden Customer Laurel awarded to us every year for the highest quality of customer service.

Long-term rental cars - a straightforward route to business efficiency

More and more small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are opting for long-term rental for their fleets. The results show that Polish companies used the rental option for more than 24 months in large numbers, financing one in four new cars in their fleet in this way.

Long-term rental is a great alternative to leasing, as it fits in perfectly with modern trends in the approach to ownership and possession of things. This form of vehicle financing is chosen by people who want to use a new vehicle for a set period of time without having to buy it back. And at the end of the contract, they can opt for a newer model. 

In addition, renting does not require a large cash commitment. There is also no need to apply for financing from banks and financial institutions. This is a suitable option at any stage of your business development. Formalities are also an important element that can tip the balance in favour of renting. Opt for simple rules and a minimum of formalities instead of lengthy credit or leasing verification procedures. At Kaizen Rent, you can complete all the formalities in as little as 1 day!  

What do you gain for your company by opting for long-term vehicle rental at Kaizen Rent?

  • Safety - third-party liability, AC, accident and health insurance, plus servicing, repairs and tyres and 24-hour technical support included in the rental price;
  • Mobility - a replacement car in the event of a timely contract, breakdown or collision;
  • Flexibility - access to multiple brands from all segments and the ability to change or cancel during the service;
  • Speed - cars available ‘off the shelf’;
  • Driving comfort - new and well-equipped cars.

In addition, we provide support and a comprehensive service, advising and supporting our partners at every stage of the ‘journey’ together. 

Renting a car for a year - turn on the green light!

Interested in long-term rental but not in business? No problem! We also offer car rental by the month for individual customers. You choose the duration of the agreement yourself (from 12 to 24 months) and the class of car that suits your needs. Find out whether flexible and comfortable long-term car rental for private individuals is a tailor-made solution for you.

Which offer will be perfect for you? Compare long, medium and short-term car rental and take full advantage of the flexibility Kaizen Rent offers. We also provide long-term rental of vans - check out our offer!

We want to provide mobility for you and your employees every day, both at home and abroad. For a quick commute, a few days out, or for longer use. You can count on us! We will do our utmost to get your car to you on time! Customer needs, attention to a modern fleet, an efficient service process and high-quality maintenance are our priorities. This is how we build our advantage on the rental market. More than 5500 of our cars are already on Polish and European roads. Join the group of satisfied customers travelling in Kaizen Rent cars!

Wherever you are, you and your business - #WeGotYouThere

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