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Description of the situation

One of our clients runs a temporary work agency. It deals, among others, with recruiting Polish employees to work in France. Due to the fact that competition in the industry is large, the company was looking for a way to stand out from other employers. The idea was to include as a benefit a car for the duration of the contract. However, there was a condition - cars should be reliable and not older than 2 years. The company wanted to ensure high standard of the vehicles in order to provide its employees with full comfort.


The customer also did not want to deal with the maintenance and servicing of the fleet and therefore decided to lease our cars on a medium term basis. By choosing this option, he wanted to be sure that in case of technical problems, we will take care of solving them. Additionally, in case of lack of orders, the rented cars can be returned to us without additional charges.

The Challenge

One of the biggest risks defined at the client was the seasonality of certain industries, which affected the duration of the employee contract. Namely, the work was not term specific, which meant the client could not afford a full vehicle commitment.

Sometimes a vehicle could serve an employee for many months, and sometimes for just a few weeks. Additionally, when such an employee resigned, the company feared being left with costs and standing cars in the parking lot. This situation was unacceptable and not profitable for our client - especially during a pandemic. The French market was closed for employees and the client is unable to estimate how long this situation will last.

Our car rental company proved to be the perfect solution.  Term rental offers many possibilities that will save the customer not only money, but also give comfort and security.  Technically, we will take care of their solution. In addition, in case of lack of orders or orders, the rented cars will be able to be returned to us at no extra charge.

The Solution

The employees were provided with cars which were 2 years old at the most, as this is the idea behind medium term rental. Third party liability/AC insurance and 24-hour contact with the technical department ensured safe travel between Poland and France. It is a certainty that in case of unforeseen breakdowns, we will take care of full repair and compensation. Rental agreements are signed for the duration of the contract with the employee. However, in case of his earlier resignation, the vehicle is returned and does not generate additional costs.

When the borders were closed to foreigners, the company was able to return most of the used vehicles. It was a comfortable solution for our client. The rented cars, which could not be used, did not generate costs and did not stand unproductively on the parking lot.

When the French market was unlocked again, our client decided to come back to us and once again opted for medium term rental of our cars. As you can see, the contract has proven to be a very proven and safe solution for our client.  

Dostępność do nowych samochodów
Flexibility in contract terms
Individual adaptation of the terms of the agreement to the customer's needs
Constant contact with the service in case of technical problems
Replacement car, in case of collision
Flexibility to adjust terms or cancel the rental at any time

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