List of changes effective for drivers starting in 2022


List of changes effective for drivers starting in 2022

Drivers in 2022 are in for quite a revolution. It would be a good idea to prepare for it by learning about the new road rules and using valuable advice for young drivers. We already know that higher or stricter fines are effective from 1 January 2022. We will wait a few more months for the others to come into force. What new road rules will be introduced from next year? We have checked!

New traffic regulations 2022 - higher fines

This is one of the biggest changes and also the most severe for drivers. The radical new Road Rules 2022 concerns the increase of the maximum fine for traffic offences. The court may impose on the driver a fine of up to 30 thousand zlotys, while previously it could amount to no more than 5 thousand zlotys. Why do we observe such a high increase? This is due to the observation of regulations in other countries. Where the fines are higher, road safety is greater and the level of danger on the road significantly lower. New road regulations also refer to the amount of a fine in a mandate procedure. It may amount up to PLN 5 thousand, and if it is a misdemeanor, then up to PLN 6 thousand.

Changes in traffic regulations will also affect those who do not observe the speed limits. Previously, the fine for exceeding the speed limit from 31 to 40 km/h was from 200 to 300 zł, but from this year it is no longer valid. Such an offence may result in a fine of 800 PLN. What is more, it does not depend on the place where the speed limit was exceeded, i.e. whether it was within or outside a built-up area. The aim of the stricter penalties is to discipline drivers and definitely limit accidents and dangerous incidents on the road. 

Pedestrians, on the other hand, will receive greater protection. If a driver behaves incorrectly towards a pedestrian, it will cost him/her over PLN 1.5 thousand. What do we understand by the term "improper behaviour"? It is, for example, overtaking on a pedestrian crossing or not giving precedence to a pedestrian. According to the new Road Rules 2022, the penalty for overtaking is also higher. Failure to comply with the ban is a fine of at least PLN 1 thousand. If such an offence occurs in 2 consecutive years, the fine will be 2 thousand zlotys. 

The government has also focused on intoxicated drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will cost the driver a fine of at least PLN 2.5 thousand. It is also punishable by arrest. So among the advice for young drivers, and in general all should not miss the one about not getting behind the wheel even after a small amount of alcohol. 

And what about not having a driver's license? This is a document confirming that we actually have the skills and qualifications to drive a vehicle. If, at the time of control services, we will not have it (we will not have the rights, the document itself does not have to be with us), we may be punished by arrest or even restriction of freedom. In such a case, the fine will be at least PLN 1.5 thousand. Drivers who commit the same offence in the next 2 years will pay twice the fine. 

The new road regulations will also make it safer at railroad crossings. We can see drivers driving around lowered barriers. This is not only dangerous, but also illegal. Hundreds of accidents, including fatalities, occur at railroad crossings every year. The new regulations are to effectively discourage drivers from such actions and thus reduce the number of accidents at railroad crossings. We will now pay at least PLN 2 thousand for such an offence. 

The fines for causing collisions will also be higher. The fine will now not be less than PLN 1.5 thousand. However, if the driver causes the collision under the influence of alcohol, he/she will pay a minimum fine of PLN 2.5 thousand. The driver may, however, choose an alternative solution to the fine and submit to the penalty of restriction of liberty. We must also remember that the same offense will cost us, within the next two years, PLN 3,000 and PLN 5,000 respectively.


Tips for novice drivers on penalty points

Drivers are afraid of penalty points and sometimes they simply prefer to pay a higher fine than to add another few penalty points to their collection. According to the new traffic regulations, removal of penalty points for violation of traffic regulations will depend on payment of the fine. Currently penalty points are removed after one year. This time is extended to 2 years, counting from the date of payment of the fine. 

The new traffic regulations also provide drivers with more penalty points for offences. For the biggest ones you can get even 15 penalty points, while now the maximum was 10. What does not change, however, is the limit of penalty points, you can still get 24. Young drivers, having a license for less than a year, can get fewer points, because 20.

Lower premiums for drivers who drive safely

Civil liability insurance premiums must be paid by all vehicle owners. Their amount varies greatly, depending on the technical data of the car and the age of the vehicle, as well as the years of the driver's license. As we learn from the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers, insurance rates will be adjusted to the driver's history of offences. Penalty points received in the past will count, so it is worth obeying the new traffic regulations to have as few of them as possible, preferably at all.

New traffic rules, and easier collection of fines

These are other new traffic regulations that should be of interest to drivers. Fines will soon be much easier to collect, which translates into a better sealed traffic law system. The tax office will have the right to credit the overpaid tax against the fine that has not been paid so far. Furthermore, the Ministry of Infrastructure has announced that the funds from the fines will be used to finance investment tasks aimed at improving road safety. Those funds will also be used during the construction of national roads, which is to result in the improvement of road safety.

New vehicle inspection rules

A car inspection is stressful for some people. A vehicle that does not pass the inspection cannot be approved for road traffic. It is determined by its condition, which in some cases Vehicle Inspection Stations have doubts about. Entrepreneurs operating the Vehicle Inspection Stations will still be supervised by the starost's office. However diagnosticians will be subject to Transport Technical Supervision. 

According to the new road regulations 2022, if a driver is late with the inspection by 30 days, he will be obliged to pay as much as twice the rate. Importantly, if the inspection is conducted no more than 30 days ahead of schedule, it will be set to expire one year from the date on which its current validity would have expired. 

The amended regulations also provide for a photo session of the car during the technical inspection. The diagnostician will take pictures of the vehicle in accordance with a predetermined scheme. Such photos are to be evidence that the inspection was actually carried out, and the condition of the vehicle was as described in the results.  

New traffic regulations in Poland: license plate assigned to a vehicle

This is a very important and, in the opinion of many customers, extremely good change. The new road regulations assume that after buying a used car, it will be possible to keep the existing license plates with it. Until now it was necessary to re-register the vehicle and change the plates, unless the seller and the buyer were from the same city or county. The new regulations will make it possible to submit a vehicle registration application with a request to keep the existing plates and thus the registration number. Thus, regardless of which province the new owner comes from, he or she will be able to drive on the registration plates assigned to the vehicle.

Issuance of plates usually costs us 80 zł, so this is what will remain in our pocket. Additionally, we save 15 PLN on a sticker with the registration number, which had to be placed on the windshield.

A temporary recall of a vehicle will be possible

This is another change that could come in handy for some car owners. New road rules for this are planned for 2022, but there is no specific date yet when they would go into effect. The temporary recall will apply to those cars that have been damaged. It will not be possible to recall such a vehicle that is temporarily out of use but in good condition. 

It will be possible to temporarily withdraw a vehicle that needs repairs. This period will be from 3 months to 1 year. Currently, this right applies to trucks, tractors, buses and special vehicles. 

In order to restore the vehicle, it will have to undergo a technical inspection. This option is designed to reduce the cost of vehicle insurance, so it will please many drivers and vehicle owners. 

The new traffic regulations in Poland have been significantly tightened and are meant to be a warning to drivers. First of all, the fines for speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, improper behaviour towards pedestrians and driving without a licence have been increased. We also know that the penalty points will be reset only after 2 years, and there will be new rules for technical inspections of vehicles.

We wish all drivers a safe journey, no matter if they drive their own car or one rented from Kaizen Rent. Have a safe trip!


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