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What to Do in Gdańsk: A Traveller's Guide to the Baltic Jewel

Gdansk is a coastal city that, together with Gdynia and Sopot, has formed a unified area known as the Tricity since the Second World War. Each of these cities has its history and attractions that bring thousands of tourists every year.

However, there's no denying that Gdansk stands out the most from its neighbours.

What to do in Gdansk? Essential Attractions

Gdansk has attracted travellers for countless decades as a historically significant port city. This trend continues today, with the added convenience of the city's airport and car rental at Gdańsk Airport, making travelling much easier for visitors.

What is worth visiting in Gdansk? There are undoubtedly a few „MUST-SEEs”. 



Old Town

Gdańsk’s Old Town is one of the must-see, with its picturesque streets and historic buildings. We definitely recommend checking out:

  • Długi Targ (Long Market) – a lively square surrounded by colourful facades and important landmarks.
  • Neptune’s Fountain – a symbol of Gdańsk and an excellent spot for lovely photos.
  • Artus Court – a stunning building that used to be a meeting place for merchants.
  • Golden Gate – a beautiful entrance to the old city.

St. Mary’s Church

The Basilica is a true jewel in Gdansk's crown and one of the largest brick churches in the world. Its scale makes it impossible to miss, as it dominates the city's skyline. The tower offers a magnificent view of Gdansk and the Motlawa River, which flows through the town.

Gdańsk Crane

An iconic symbol of the city's maritime past, the mediaeval Crane on the Motława River is a fascinating piece of history. The Crane played a crucial role in the city's trading activities during the Middle Ages, serving as a tool for loading and unloading cargo.

European Solidarity Centre

Fascinating history of the Solidarity movement and its significant contribution to the collapse of communism in Europe. The centre offers engaging and interactive exhibits, comprehensively exploring recent Polish history. Visiting on a cloudy day is ideal when the weather is unsuitable for outdoor activities

What to see and do in Gdansk – Hidden Gems

Above, we have presented Gdansk's most famous attractions. However, the city boasts additional spots worth adding to your sightseeing plan, offering a blend of history and relaxation.

Oliwa Park

A peaceful break from the city's hustle and bustle, Oliwa Park is ideal for a relaxed stroll. We advise you not to skip the Oliwa Cathedral, well-known for its impressive organ concerts held every hour in the summer.


This is a significant historical site where World War II began and a journey through time to discover the events that shaped the world as we know it today.


Named after the famous astronomer Jan Heweliusz, who was born in Gdansk, the Hevelianum combines interactive exhibits and educational workshops, providing excellent entertainment for the whole family.

What to do in Gdansk? Poland's Seasonal Events

Most tourists visit Gdańsk during the summer, which is not surprising, as holidays are closely associated with this time of year. Moreover, Gdańsk is a seaside city so you can enjoy your leisure time by the water. Summer also hosts the most events, including outdoor ones, but every season brings exciting events.

We've chosen one of them for each season!


In May, a music festival called „Gdańska Wiosna” takes place. It's an opportunity to listen to a wide variety of music – from young artists just taking their first serious steps on the stage to more established artists.


Many events occur in the summer, but the highlight for lovers of the sea will be „Baltic Sail”, a rally of sailing ships. Beautiful views, shanties and competitions are great fun for young and old.


„Gdańska Jesień Pianistyczna” is a unique festival offered by the Polish Baltic Fryderyk Chopin Philharmonic in Gdańsk with an international scope. The concerts and recitals occur in the Concert and Chamber Hall.


What to do in Gdańsk in winter? Winter means Christmas markets. It's the perfect opportunity to soak up the festive atmosphere amidst beautiful decorations and taste festive regional food.

What is there to do in Gdansk? Some practical tips

Gdańsk’s compact size makes it easy to explore on foot, especially in the Old Town, but you also have other options to make your trip even more convenient.

For example, you can rent a bike to explore more of the city and its surroundings, as numerous bike paths are available. Public transportation is also a great option, with efficient trams and buses covering the entire city. Consider purchasing a Gdańsk Tourist Card for unlimited travel and discounts on attractions.

Finally, car rental in Gdansk gives you more freedom to explore at your own pace and on your terms and allows you to take more luggage. Especially if Gdańsk is just one of the stops on your journey, and that's quite possible, as beautiful places in Poland invite you to visit them even during a shorter holiday.

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