Local travels: attractive, tasty and aromatic Tarnów

"You praise what you don't know". - So it is worth getting to know, taste, like, and maybe even fall in love with the corners of our country. This time we are visiting Tarnów, where a Slavic stronghold was established in the 9th century and functioned until the beginning of the 11th century. It is a city with beautifully preserved historic architecture. There is no shortage of attractions for children and adults. There are also many places where you can sit down and have a tasty dinner, drink wine in the evening, and on a Saturday afternoon enjoy the aroma of coffee.

The most important points on the map of Tarnów

Being in Tarnow, it is worth visiting several flagship places. Everyone is sure to find something that will interest them and allow them to like the city at least a little bit. 
Among such places is St. Martin's Mount, a hill about 3 km away. It is there that the remains of a Vistula tribal stronghold were discovered, as well as the monarchy of the first Piasts. Currently, you can see small "souvenirs" of the defensive castle on the hill. It is also a vantage point overlooking the city and surrounding towns. 

Tarnów is a city that for centuries has had close ties with Hungary, which can be seen by walking through the streets of the city. There is certainly Seklerska Gate, a friendship bench, a mural with a fragment of Transylvanian Panorama and a monument to Joseph Bem. 

Fans of folk culture should definitely visit the Museum of Ethnography, located in the 18th century shingled manor house, which previously served as a suburban inn. Here you can admire objects of everyday use, jewelry, folk costumes, photographs depicting old life, as well as paintings and other artistic works. 

Being in Tarnow and not visiting the Cathedral Basilica of the Nativity is like being in Paris and not visiting the Louvre. This is the most important church in Tarnow, being a monumental building with a tower 72 meters high. In front of the cathedral, there is a monument to John Paul II which is the first monument erected in honor of a Polish pope. 

While visiting Tarnów, you cannot miss the Market Square and the Town Hall. It is surrounded by Renaissance houses which have their roots in the 16th-19th centuries. Some compare this place to an Italian town.

Parking lots in Tarnow. Where will you pay for parking?

You can drive to Tarnów in a rental car from Kaizen Rent. Then change the way you get around or enjoy the mobility that a car gives you all the time. As in any slightly larger city, we cover kilometers not only on our feet. As far as Tarnów is concerned, we can get around by buses, among others. There are 19 bus lines at our disposal. Motorists will certainly be interested in Tarnów's parking lots. So you should know, so that there are no surprises, where the area of paid parking zone in Tarnów is located. It includes the streets: Gabriela Narutowicza, Stanisława Konarskiego, Jarosław Dąbrowskiego, Hugona Kołłątaja, Starodąbrowska, Słoneczna, Błogosławionego księdza Roman Sitko, Juliusza Słowackiego, Klikowskiej, Józefa Szujskiego, Szkotnik, Ignacego Mościckiego, Kazimierza Pułaskiego, Krakowska and on Tadeusza Kosciuszki street from Kazimierz Pulaski street to Wladyslawa Reymonta street, on Bartosz Glowacki street from Wladyslawa Reymonta street to Kazimierz Pulaski street, on Dworcowa street, on Dworcowy Square, on Wita Stwosza street from Gabriela Narutowicza street to Towarowa street, and on Elzbieta Druzbacka street". 

Parking fees are collected on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The first hour costs PLN 3.30. Paying by Tarnów City Card Premium or Tarnów City Card Standard and holding a valid season ticket for public transport in Tarnów costs 2,60 PLN. Holders of Tarnów City Card Premium with a valid season ticket for public transport in Tarnów pay only 2,30 PLN. The second hour costs 3,90 PLN, 3,10 PLN and 2,70 PLN, and the third hour - 4,60 PLN, 3,70 PLN and 3,20 PLN. For each additional hour, you pay the same as for the first. 

It is worth knowing that parking up to one hour on Nowa, Piłsudskiego, Szpitalna, Curie-Skłodowska, Kościuszki streets on the section from Pułaskiego to Reymonta and Goldhammera from Wałowa to Mickiewicza is free.

Where to go for coffee and a good pastry?

We arrived in Tarnów, parked and have a map with marked important places we want to see. Surely, even on a very busy day, everyone will find time for coffee and something sweet. There are several cafes in Tarnów which will host us tasty and sweet. 

  • Cafe Tramwaj - it's a little trip in time during which you'll sit in a historic electric streetcar which used to travel around this place in Galicia times. From confirmed sources it is known that in Cafe Tram they serve the best coffee with ice-cream. 
  • Cafe Ziarno - they have been providing Tarnów residents with bread since 1944. It is a place with tradition which smells of fresh bread and creamy wuzetki. 
  • Ciekawa słodko-słona - the cafe became famous for the first Bubble Waffles in Tarnów, but its menu has many more items. There are, among others, prince polo in a jar, chia pudding with fresh fruit and energetic muesli, which will be good not only for dessert, but also for a second breakfast. 
  • Sofa - you can drop in here at any time of day. In the morning you can enjoy a delicious breakfast basket, salty or sweet, for lunch you can choose your favorite pasta or dry tart, and for dessert - cake or cupcake. 

Gourmet restaurants in Tarnów

There is always enough room in the stomach for dessert, but when it comes to lunch or dinner, we crave for a real one. Where can we eat it in Tarnow? 

  • Obsesja Smaku restaurant is fresh, tasty and with artistic craftsmanship. Something for fans of cuisine which tastes excellent and looks just as good. 
  • Thai Cooking, a place for enthusiasts of oriental flavours. 
  • U Młynarza Restaurant, here we can eat traditionally and in Polish, so surely no one will leave it hungry. 
  • Soprano Restaurant, where Italian flavours reign supreme with, of course, pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. 

Tarnów has a huge potential and is still underestimated. Here you can take a walk, sightsee, travel back in time, drink a tasty coffee and eat a delicious dessert. There is also a well organized parking zone, where you can leave your car for free after 4 pm and on weekends. 

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