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Mid term rental

Mid term car rental

Especially for companies, but also used by individual clients, we have created an offer of medium term car rental. It is a possibility to rent a vehicle for a longer period of time, from 1 to 12 months. Conditions of car rental are individually adjusted to you and your needs. Medium term car rental completes and optimizes your fleet.  It enables company development as well as the implementation of current projects. At the same time, it does not require engaging large amounts of cash.  There is also no need to apply for financing in banks and financial institutions. This is a good option for a start, as well as at any stage of your business development. 
Take advantage of car rental for months! In our offer you will find a wide range of cars and vans. These are new and therefore in very good technical condition vehicles of various classes, sizes and engine capacities. 

Mid term car rental - what are the rules?

If you are interested in renting a car, we will sign an agreement with you for a single rental, or it may be a framework agreement. You can extend or shorten the rental period at any time under favourable conditions. 

If you are interested in medium term car rental, please contact us. Our consultant will present you with options which best meet your requirements. From that moment on, he will also be your personal coach. 

Medium Term Car Rental at Kaizen Rent is a comprehensive package including car rental, full insurance, tires and service throughout the rental period. We do not credit check and have cars available immediately. You can rent a car even within a few hours.  

Renting a car for months - when is it worth it?

Medium Term Car Rental is a very beneficial alternative to your own company car or a complement to your existing fleet. When is medium term car rental a very good solution for you? 

  • you are hiring employees for a fixed period or probationary period¬†
  • you are implementing projects which require your employees to be mobile¬†
  • you are starting your own business, with a limited budget and no chance of obtaining financing for the purchase of your own car
  • you want a good credit rating, so you want to avoid leasing and credit
  • you need a car for now, but you can't estimate how long you will use it
  • your company car has broken down and is being repaired, and you need a car for yourself or your employees

Renting a car for months is therefore useful in very many cases. You gain flexibility while saving money while supporting your company budget. Renting a car for months will help you carry out your business plans.